How to get Krunker's weapons and attachments to work

on October 04 at 05:12 AM
In Krunker, players start off with quite rudimentary weaponry, therefore finding and unlocking additional firearms may be very beneficial in all of the game's modes. You may have access to snipers, submachine guns, and even rocket launchers in addition to the conventional AK-47. While certain weapons and accessories need some effort to get, the majority of the game's weaponry is available right away.

The shooter's weapon unlocking process is shockingly straightforward. Locate and choose the customization option next to your character on the right side of the screen in the main menu (as shown below). This will open up a Classes tab with hundreds of additional unlocked characters who can utilize different sorts of main weapons. Players may switch their handguns and sights using the Loadout option, which also lets them change attachments and backup weapons. The bulk of the weapons and attachments, however, are only usable when your class has advanced to Level 20.

A close-range Reflex Scope and a long-range friendly ACOG Scope are the two attachments that each class' main weapon may currently obtain. Pistols, shotguns, and blasters fall under the category of secondary weapons, however, they too must be unlocked. For example, the Sawed-Off shotgun is available at Class Level 20, yet the Alien Blaster, which is more potent, is unlocked at Class Level 50.

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