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Where did it all begin? When I was about eleven years old, I started playing free games online and fell in love with gaming. Since then, a lot has happened, but maturing into an adult has allowed me to properly appreciate the fantastic titles that first inspired my passion for gaming. Daria considers her top five video games in terms of impact on her life.

Firegirl and Waterboy

You must cooperate with your buddy to complete levels in the cooperative platformer Fireboy and Watergirl. I used to play this game with my buddy and boast about how well I could control the WASD keys. There are several episodes in the series, and they are all set in various locations with various challenges, such as a forest, during the cold, and in a desert. This game was so much fun to play since it was all about frantic teamwork and the levels were so adaptable. To get the finest time and the most brilliant diamonds, my companion and I would run.

Mixologist The Right

Unfit for a ten-year-old? Definitely. diversely enjoyable? 100%. Play the video game Bartender The Right Mix to learn how to mix cocktails and create awful concoctions. Because of all the thrilling outcomes—from poisoning the bartender to a full-scale explosion—the game was very addicting. I would argue that Bartender The Right Mix helped me become the expert mixologist I am today.

Game TA: San Andreas

I played GTA: San Andreas on the venerable PS2 for the first time. With my younger cousins, I played the game when I was approximately eleven. We used to scrawl cheat codes on sloppy paper and yell at one another if we got the order incorrect. I didn't play GTA: San Andreas to its fullest potential; instead, I used the jetpack to soar about and shot a few targets. The plot, voice acting, and originality of GTA: San Andreas have really come into their own for me as a young adult returning to the game.

The Sims series

Without the Sims series, I doubt I would be writing this post now. The Sims franchise fueled my interest for gaming. And I'll continue to speak about The Sims. Why? Since The Sims is perhaps the most innovative simulation game, providing players with complete flexibility and creativity that no other game provides.

Almost all of Papa's Games

The Papa Games are renowned. The games in the series that I loved the most were Papa's Wingeria, Pizzeria, and Freezeria, and this one was simply exceptional. I loved getting to know each of the eccentric people and remembering their nostalgic lunches. Mama's cooking? Her identity escapes us.

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