Lunchtime Lipo : Fable Or Reality?

on September 27 at 02:38 PM

Depending on how you define your lunchtime, believe it or not, it is actually now possible to have liposuction done in the amount of time a lot of people would take for their lunchtime break. So from the point of view of the time it takes to do the task, then yes, lipo can be executed in a lunch break.

This is largely due to the incredible advances which were made with liposuction techniques as well as advances in liposuction technology and equipment. These advances have lead to the development of entirely new liposuction procedures, which is Smartlipo and Vaser lipo. Before, liposuction was considered to be a reasonably big medical procedure. lunchtime hot banker for today Now, eventhough it is still a cosmetic plastic surgery, it is considered to be a minor one.

When come with smaller pockets of fat, both Smartlipo and Vaser lipo can be executed using only local anesthesia. This means you won't desire a lengthy preparation time in the clinic, and you usually won't need an overnight hospital stay either. If you opt for very light or no sedation at all (this is often possible with your advanced procedures), you can usually leave right after your lunchtime lipo procedure.

If you were expecting to get back to work or your normal activities straight after your procedure, this is Where the term Lunchtime Lipo could be reportedly a fable. You will need to go home and take it easy. After all, even though you were in and out of the liposuction clinic quite quickly, your body will need some time to recover from the procedure.

Areas usually considered suitable for lunchtime lipo are : double chin, stomach, love handles, lower limbs, high arms, back dental contouring, or even a combination of one or two of these areas.

So even though this action can be referred to as Lunchtime Lipo, I still wouldn't take that moniker literally. You will still need to take it simple for a day or so and next slowly resume your normal activities.

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