What is Drip marketing? When to Use It?

on September 09 at 06:52 AM

Emails are automatically sent if you do certain activities on a website, such as downloading an ebook, purchasing a product, signing up for a webinar, etc. These emails are part of a drip campaign or are configured to send automatically at certain intervals.


The Drip Campaign: What Is It?


The term "drip campaign" refers to a series of predetermined, timed emails delivered to your user base in response to their behavior. drip marketing, which may also be referred to as lifecycle emails, email automation, autoresponders, and the like, help you save time and energy while connecting with your contacts.


The email you send when a user downloads an ebook or whitepaper from your website is a classic example. As soon as they submit their details, you immediately email them a PDF/link to the eBook. A further email with additional, relevant materials they may wish to download may be scheduled to be sent three days later. You may eventually contact them to further engage them and perhaps convert them. Based on certain conditions, all of the emails will be sent out immediately.


Drip marketing allow you to hit them with the most relevant message at the most opportune moment. The one thing that you need is the right drip marketing software.


When Is It Appropriate to Use Drip marketing?

A customer's lifetime may be broken down into several distinct phases, and at each one, drip marketing can be used to further marketing objectives. If anything can be automated, it ought to be. By automating repetitive chores, you free up time and resources for more interesting and rewarding endeavors like innovation, analysis, and experimentation. Marketing automation drip marketing should be used in the following situations:


Greeting the New Visitors

New signups and subscribers should immediately get a warm welcome email. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of new subscribers have high expectations for an instantaneous welcome email, and these messages are opened five times more often than the typical email. Use a welcome email to introduce yourself and give your new subscribers some background information.


Develop the potentials

You'll have a tough time finding a lead that's prepared to purchase straight now. Help them go through your website or use your product so they can fully appreciate its worth. Your users need to be taught the fundamentals and guided step-by-step. Offering them free trials, giving them training videos, and providing case studies are all examples of this.


Examples of nurturing drip marketing include emails sent during product onboarding. One that has videos, support articles, and anything else that can assist the user get started is what you should give.


Boost Participation Rates

User interest, the likelihood of a user becoming a client, and the probability of churn may all be gleaned from their level of engagement. With the help of drip emails, you may actively engage your subscribers and re-engage former visitors. A fantastic approach to keep subscribers engaged is to send them regular newsletters, product updates, blogs, etc.


In order to encourage users to revisit the product, a drip campaign may be activated if they haven't done so before. Include examples of usage and functionality in the emails you send.


Prevent Cart Abandonment

There is a widespread problem with abandoned carts in all markets since many customers leave without making a purchase. Research and deliberation are required prior to making a purchase. By sending them a series of emails after they've abandoned their basket, you may increase the likelihood that they'll complete the purchase. Create a feeling of urgency with a time-sensitive offer, or just remind them that their things are still in the shopping cart.


Renewal Reminders

You cannot manually email all of your subscribers. Drip programs are useful for encouraging subscription renewals. Auto-renewal settings may be changed or renewed manually.


Notifying clients in advance of automatic renewals is recommended. Use a drip campaign to send out little amounts of information in the days leading up to the renewal deadline. Spell down all of the fees that will be incurred and how they may be paid. Once the money has been made, you should get a confirmation.


A drip campaign may be set up to notify clients of the upcoming subscription renewal for manual renewals. Then, send them a couple of emails urging them to renew. When they make a payment, please confirm it and express your appreciation.


Disposing of Old Subscriber Emails

Attempting to reconnect with those who are leaving your email list is always a good idea. Even when it's clear they don't want to hear from you again, you should still send one more email to find out where you went wrong. You may use this information to prevent future cancellations and decrease the number of subscribers who decide to terminate their accounts.


Wrapping It Up

Without a shadow of a doubt, drip marketing is a very efficient way to boost revenue, subscribers, and potential clients. You need to include it in your marketing strategy immediately.


Although growing your mailing list is important, the money is in the emails you send to your readers. You can't ignore the "so what?" for very long. The actions are taken once a person signs up for your mailing list or makes a purchase from you.


The complexity of drip marketing is only apparent at first glance.


You may get good results quickly even if you start out gently with a well-executed, basic email autoresponder loop.


Drip marketing and email autoresponders have allowed businesses of all sizes, from software as a service providers to online retailers and internet celebrities, to generate massive amounts of leads and sales with little extra work.


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