How Makah Became the Holiest City for Muslims?

on September 05 at 03:28 PM
Allah SWT is the creator of each and everything in this universe. Allah SWT created this universe and the human being especially to obey his commands. There are many incidents that make Makah city the superior one, but the story starts when Allah SWT commanded Hazrat Ibrahim AS to move to Makah city with his family and commanded him to build the Kaaba, the house of Allah Almighty. After the completion of Kaaba, Ibrahim AS performed the Tawaf of Kaaba. In this way, all the Muslims across the world got the single center point of attraction of their religion as declared by Allah SWT. Now Muslims come to Makah to perform Umrah and Hajj, especially availing of the Last 10 days of Ramadan Umrah packages to gain the blessings of Allah SWT. There are many special things that make Makah city one of the holiest cities for Muslims; we will discuss here some core element that has direct influence.

City of Allah SWT’ House:

After the construction of the Kaaba by Hazrat Ibrahim AS, Makah became the city of Allah SWT’s house. Muslims come to this city to visit the house of Allah SWT and to get the blessings of Allah Almighty. They perform Tawaf and offer prayers. They seek forgiveness from their creator for their wrong deeds, and Allah SWT listens to those who visit the Almighty’s house.


We all have heard about the great incident of ZAMZAM. Hazrat Ibrahim AS left his family with few dates and water in the vast field of Makah. The little baby felt hungry and started to cry and Hazrat Hajra AS the wife of Ibrahim AS ran between the Safa and Marwah in search of water and eventually found water by the miracle of Allah SWT near the feet of little baby Ismail AS. This water is named the ZAMZAM, and now all Muslims get the blessing of this sacred water and take this water to their home as a religious gift of Allah SWT from the city of Makah.

The Birth Place of Holy Prophet SAW:

Makah city is also known as the birthplace of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, who is the last prophet of Allah SWT. Muslim’s faith cannot be complete without the acceptance of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW as the last prophet by Allah SWT. So that birthplace of Prophet SAW makes this city more holiest city for all Muslims.

Qibla for the Muslims:

When Allah SWT commanded the holy Prophet Muhammad SAW to change the qibla toward Kaaba, this provides extreme significance to this city. This city became the center of the entire world and the single direction for all Muslims to pray and ask mercy from their creator. Now Muslims face toward Makah city to ask for blessings of Allah SWT.

Allah SWT himself declared the city of Makah and Medina as the holiest cities in the world. These cities are specially guarded by the blessing of Allah SWT from all filths and impurities. Muslims can visit this sacred city in their Umrah journey by availing of cheap Umrah packages Manchester.

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