Farxiga vs Jardiance

on August 31 at 08:28 AM
Both Farxiga and Jardiance have been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes. Jardiance is prescribed to patients more often, but a doctor must determine the most appropriate medication based on each patient’s individual needs.
Farxiga has been shown to have positive effects on Type 2 diabetes and other medical issues, such as heart failure. It is prescribed by doctors in pill form. Patients take it without or with food in the morning. There is no generic version of Farxiga.
Jardiance has been shown to lower A1C by as much as 1%. It is recommended that if this medication is prescribed, the patient should eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. The combination of Jardiance and a healthy lifestyle results in the most success in Type 2 diabetes patients.

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