Key Difference Between Residential And Commercial Pest Control

on August 29 at 08:12 PM

All pest control companies are not the same. Some companies offer either residential pest control or commercial pest control services, while others might offer both. You probably have figured that part out, which explains why you're here.


Although they are geared towards eliminating scurrying pests from your establishment, there are notable differences between these pest control services.


In this post, we'll dive into the key differences between both pest control services to ensure you make an informed decision.



What are the differences between residential and commercial pest control services?


Pest control services are available in two options, and here are four features that set these two types of pest control apart:


Residential pest control services take longer than the commercial option


For residential services, the company will likely advise the occupant to vacate their home for a couple of days while the due pest control solution is implemented. This won't work in a commercial setting. Shutting down a business for more than a day is inconceivable. Aside from losing daily profit, there's a chance of losing customers to competitors.


Considering this factor, it's entirely reasonable for commercial pest control in Marysville to have a quicker turnaround with the least disruption. Therefore, it's wise to go for companies offering exclusively commercial pest control services. They are more equipped and have many years of hands-on experience to handle such situations while your business saves more from being operational.


Commercial pest control services are less consistent


Residential homes are much more likely to face the same problem, which makes it easier to figure out the underlying culprit and implement practical pest control solutions. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with the commercial establishment. There are dozens of factors to consider, from building structure to workers' behaviors.


Hence, commercial pest control companies have to create a custom-tailor solution to your business's infestation problem. How long this feat will take hinges on the niche of your business - retail, healthcare, food service, etc.


Commercial pest control companies are more proactive with pest invasions.


There's an advantage to companies creating a custom-tailored approach to your business's pest infestation challenge. This allows the company to get to the nuances of the problem. Thus, creating a long-term preventative measure is easier to allow business owners to remain proactive to avoid another episode.


Residential and commercial settings are unique.


Most people assume controlling pests in homes and businesses is not so different. The assumption is faulty, considering that businesses establishments are usually larger than most homes. For instance, houses are generally likely to attract termites, bed bugs, and ants due to the heavy-fabric settings.


On the other hand, most businesses won't be dealing with bed bugs but roaches and rats infestation. For instance, companies in the food service industry will have a lot of leftovers and crumbs everywhere, causing them to have a rodent invasion problem at hand.

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