How to Clean Your Vape Tank and Coils?

on August 26 at 01:46 PM

Vaping is the act of inhaling a vapor that is produced by a battery-operated device. Nowadays, many people switch to vaping from normal traditional cigarettes. These are used as a safe alternative to smoking and are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. There are many types of vape devices are available such as electronic cigarettes, vape mods, vape pens, vape pods, and disposable vape bars. Elux Legend is the leading disposable electronic cigarette bar, which is a type of e-cigarette that is ready to vape immediately after the purchase.


A vape tank and vape coil are important parts of any electronic cigarette device. Only a clean vape provides the best optimal performance in vaping. Vape juices are the liquid, which is heated up to produce the vapor. The ingredients of the vape juice especially sweet flavors gunk up the coil and result in lower flavor and vapor production and make your vape taste burnt. To avoid this, your vape coils and tank needs to be cleaned regularly.


How to Clean Your Vape Tank and Coils?


Clean Your Vape Tank:


Disassemble your vaping device and take the coil out from the device. Make sure that you are familiar with the parts and don’t lose any pieces of the device. The following are the most effective ways to clean your vape tank.


Standard Rinse:


Take your vape tank apart from the device and keep it under running water. After that dry the tank with a piece of paper towel. Let them dry in the air until no water or condensation is visible. If your tank hasn’t been cleaned by this process, you should add an extra step. Take warm water and place your tank inside of it. Let it sit in the water until the water cools down. After that give your tank one last rinse under the running water and use a paper towel to dry the tank.


Propylene Glycol Rinse:


This also has the same process as a standard rinse but instead of water, you can use propylene glycol. Place your tank in a bowl filled with propylene glycol and make it sit for an hour or two. Once it is done, stand it up on a napkin and make it dry completely.


You can also use simple household items like baking soda, ethanol, vodka, and vinegar are some of the cleaning agents which give your tank a deeper cleaning.


Clean Your Vape Coils:


Replaceable Coils:


Replaceable coil heads come with clearomizers and sub-ohm tanks that can be cleaned technically but not fully revived them. If you still want to clean your replaceable coil heads follow the below steps:


- Soak your coil in ethanol, vinegar, or vodka for at least an hour.
- Once soaking is done, take it and keep it under the running water and rinse.
- Rinse again with distilled water.
- Blow the air on the open side of the coil to force the water to wick holes.
- Keep it in the dry air until the water gets evaporated.

Rebuildable Coils:


If you are using rebuildable coils, it is important to clean them regularly to prevent gunking up coils. Follow the simple steps for deeper cleaning of the coils.


- First, remove the wicks from the coil and dry burn your coil lightly.
- Remove atomizers from the device and place them under the running water.
- Brush them lightly with a coil cleaning tool or with a toothbrush. You can also use a little amount of dishwashing liquid.
- Once cleaning is done, rinse it once again in the water.
- Make it dry to remove the last droplets of water.



Maintaining and cleaning your vape devices is the best way to get optimal performance in vaping. Follow the above steps to clean your vape coil and vape tank in order to get a smooth vaping experience.

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