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on August 08 at 09:33 AM

Current retail trends indicate that it is important that the merchants are equipped with various front-end channels for them to accept transactions to support their sales. These front-end channels could be at their own location or available remotely where the customer is.

In the business scenarios, the front-end channels are more of a need in the current trends for merchants where it might be at merchant location or at field level to provide more facilities & new generation solutions to end customers.

Our team has expertise in supporting various types of front end channels like PC POS, POS, Readers, Cash Register, Bar Code, QR and EMV, Tags and others that are required.

Some of these can also be utilized remotely through mobile or online websites to perform cashless transactions - like Bar Code, QR Code.


Merchant / Consumer Interface

  • Each registered merchant/ consumer device app connects to its supplier through the services hosted by the aggregator using the medium from its N/W operator (OTA services).
  • Allows users to interact with the aggregator for the following transactions- Smartcard, Swipe, NFC, QR Code, Bar Code, Manual Entry, Redemption, Void, Refund, Reconciliation and so on.

The front-end channels that we have experience in building are spread across verticals like Retail, Restaurants, Transit, Hotels, Sports Events, Health and Insurance.

Our team has

  • Technology expertise to design, develop the SDK for the hardware, build libraries and kernel, interface applications with existing hardware or hardware from new manufacturers.
  • Thorough implementation understanding of underlying communication technologies like BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, IP, https, TCP/IP, Socket, OTA, PSTN, GPRS, CDMA for these Front-End Channels
  • Expertise to support the hardware devices on Linux, Windows, WinCE and any proprietary platform of the customer’s choice and implement kernel, libraries, SDK, peripheral hardware like USB, smartcard.
  • Support expertise in building the interfaces with mobile devices and respective platforms; add-on cradle devices to build business applications and interfaces with hardware and third party systems.
  • Vast experience to help our customers in getting the certification with EMV, NFC, DTM, APP stores and so on.
  • The expertise in the areas to interface with Merchants and Network Operators, Merchants and Consumers.
  • Relevant experience to help our customers and partners to have the Issuance Platforms to be certified with the Card Payment Schemes, Processors and the experience and bandwidth to support the mission critical platforms.

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