Looking to Repair Your Online Reputation? Here are 5 Expert Suggested Strategies

on August 04 at 06:52 AM

Dealing with a damaged reputation? Wish to repair and rebuild it?

Well, a wise thing to do would be to hire the online reputation management services of a reliable online reputation management company. Even though their experts would do it for you, there is no harm in having the knowledge about what to do, for repairing a hampered online reputation. It definitely would not go to waste. Who knows? Going ahead, it would be taken care of all by yourself, instead of availing the ORM services of an agency.

For all those interested in knowing, here are some of the top expert suggested strategies to repair your online reputation.

• Top strategies for repairing your damaged online reputation

  1. Accepting your mistake is the first thing

The majority are reluctant as far as accepting the mistake is concerned. It is simple. Until the time one doesn’t own up to the mistake, it is not possible to move forward and take curative action.

So, if the negative online content published against you or your company holds true, take responsibility, rectify it, and do not forget to apologize for the mistake committed. Providing the explanation for the steps taken at your end to avoid the incident re-occurring in the future, is also an expert recommended thing. 

  1. Fake reviews are a strict no no……

Simply don’t do this. Writing fake artificial reviews or getting them written by someone (astroturfing) is not the right way to repair or improve your online reputation. With names like Google, Yelp, and the various consumer advocacy groups on the prowl to punish businesses having bad search rankings, impose heavy fines and huge public disclosure, on the other hand, doing this could make your situation even worse.

The above-mentioned entities are deploying more efficient software filters, algorithms, etc. which identify fake reviews or multiple reviews posted from a single IP address.

Rather, experts recommend dealing with a bad review or rating in a head-on manner. Then and there! The aim is to resolve the issue quickly. According to a survey, as many as 95% of unsatisfied customers would come back to your business in the event that an issue is solved in an efficient manner and speedily! 

  1. Take efforts to gain more positive reviews

The best and proven way to repair and improve your online reputation. There won’t be an improvement in the number of stars, till the time one gets more positive reviews!

Logically speaking, the number of positive/great reviews outnumber the negative ones by a big margin such that your reputation drives in more leads or customers. Having just a 4+ star rating would not be sufficient. Anyone browsing through your reviews got to come across a recent bunch of good ones.

One can begin by deploying a plan to get new reviews from the clients/customers. It could be in any form like asking them to write directly, setting up an email drip campaign, or even giving a business card having the details about how to provide a review.

If one does not want this headache or does not have the time to look into it personally, hiring an online reputation management agency would be the best thing to do. They will take care of it and provide the desired results. Right from designing a plan to obtain new reviews from satisfied customers/clients to finding a solution on how to Google my business, and all that is required.

So, how to go about it would be your decision after all.

  1. Blog creation

Frequently updated and well-maintained blogs are an effective and proven way to increase the ranking of your website and make it appear higher in the search results. This will serve the purpose and eventually assist in recovering your lost reputation.

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  1. Try to bring down the negative content posted

Remember, once any negative content is posted online, it becomes very difficult to pull it down and remove it. However, efforts can be taken to reach out to the person who happened to post it, and request him/her to take it down. In the event that your efforts fail, create additional positive content that would help in pushing down the negative content on search engines.

Taking the help of an ORM company is highly advised for this strategy as they happen to hold the desired expertise and experience for the same.

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