What are the Different Types of Doors Based on their Mechanism

on July 26 at 05:01 PM

A door is like a barrier that is made up of wood, steel, glass, and a combination of several materials. The door has different moving mechanisms, and it provides a warm welcome to your guests when they are entering your home. Doors act as a barrier against the fire and cold, as well as from unwanted intruders and trespassers. When selecting the right door for your home, it is important to consider the appearance, safety, security, and energy efficiency.


What are the Different Types of Doors Based on their Mechanism


Different Types of the Door Based on their Working Mechanism:


There are different kinds of doors that help in providing different purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of doors according to their mechanism in work.


Sliding Doors:


Sliding doors are used where there is a place constraint for the swing of hinged doors for aesthetic purposes. These doors open in a crosswire by sliding parallel to the wall and have a horizontal mechanism. These are also called patio doors and it is commonly used as shower doors, glass doors, etc. sliding doors are considered single units, which consist of two-panel sections. Sliding doors offer different design possibilities and are made up of wood, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.


Sliding Interior Doors makes your room soundproof, thus it can be used as a private space. These doors are also providing a perfect security mechanism that can be used for office entrances, elevators, patio doors, room dividers, etc. When these doors are made of glass, it allows the natural light to come in and also have efficient insulators to provide the perfect temperature in the room.


Composite Doors:


Composite doors are the modern door technology and become an alternative to wooden and steel doors. It uses several combinations of materials such as PVC, wood, and also from fiberglass. Composite doors have stainless-steel hardware which is easy to get in the buyer’s market. The main reason for buying this type of door is the security. Also, this type of door is tended to be more expensive than the other door types.


Hinged Doors:


Hinged doors are the most common type, and the axis of rotation is vertical. These doors are fixed on one side, which allows the door to pivot away from the doorway in one direction or the other. The main advantage of using these hinged doors are less expensive and requires minimum maintenance.


Revolving Doors:


Revolving doors are having a central shaft with four wings that hangs on them. The shaft will be able to rotate around the central axis within a round enclosure. The central shaft is fitted with a ball bearing attachment at the bottom, which allows the shutter to move freely without any jerk and noise.




From the above, you can have a clear understanding of the type of doors based on their working mechanism. Make sure your home doors require low maintenance and have excellent insulation properties.

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