How a Massage Chair Can Help You Stay Healthy

on July 02 at 04:23 PM

From pain reduction to better circulation to faster healing, massage therapy has a long history of offering a variety of health advantages. However, when massage chairs were initially created, it was believed that their main purpose was to promote rest and relaxation. While they undoubtedly accomplish that goal, they have much more potential.


The greatest massage chairs available now are far better than earlier versions, which is one of the reasons they do more than just help you relax. Early massage chairs were relatively basic and had just a few features. They often had limited pressure-giving capacity and could only move in the most simple ways.


How a Massage Chair Can Help You Stay Healthy


The Various Health Advantages of Modern Massage Chairs


What particular health advantages may a massage chair offer? People claim (and in many instances, studies corroborate) the following advantages, but it varies on the individual's physical condition, how often the chair is used, and other factors:


Decreased pain


The regular usage of a massage chair might aid in reducing discomfort throughout the body. The lower back is one area where massage is very useful. Lower back pain tends to lessen when muscles that have been too tense for a variety of causes start to relax. In fact, for many individuals, massage may be more beneficial than treatments like acupuncture or medicine in treating lower back discomfort. Of course, you must adhere to your doctor's recommendations, but massage chair sessions could be a beneficial addition to your treatment regimen.


No headaches


Muscle tension may be a factor in both general headaches and migraines specifically. The greatest massage chairs may lessen headache frequency and severity by lowering or removing that muscular tension.


Quicker post-workout recovery


Lactic acid is produced by your muscles during intense activity. Muscle discomfort and exhaustion are side effects of this training. Lactic acid is gradually processed by your body and eliminated from your muscles. Regular usage of an advanced massage chair may help your body remove lactic acid and speed up your recovery from exercises, as both athletic trainers and athletes will verify.


Reduced heart rate and blood pressure


Muscle stiffness in many parts of the body, most notably the neck and shoulders, is a common manifestation of the stress brought on by our busy lifestyles. Your blood pressure and heart rate may then increase as a result of this stress amplifying the sympathetic nervous system's (SNS) reaction. Heart disease, stroke, and damage to organs like the kidneys are just a few of the disorders that are made more likely by high blood pressure, often known as hypertension.


A highly beneficial and healthful diversion from everyday stress is massage. Your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which was created to lessen the effects of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), is activated. In other words, the greatest massage chairs assist in restoring equilibrium to your body and support lower blood pressure and heart rate.


Enhanced immune system performance


Your immune system may be reduced while your body is under stress, leaving you more susceptible to illness. Massage enables your immune system to function more efficiently by assisting with relaxation. Therefore, although massage by itself cannot prevent sickness, it may assist to foster the environments that will enable your body to better fight against threats.


Lower amounts of cortisol


A hormone called cortisol is well recognized for enhancing the body's "fight or flight" reaction to danger. While it is beneficial and required in certain circumstances, persistently high amounts of cortisol may harm the body in a variety of ways. Cortisol levels may be lowered and the body's "stress reaction" can be reduced with massage.

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