Critical Mistakes to Avoid While Migrating the Hosting

on June 30 at 03:19 PM

Web owners changing the web host always has a substantial reason behind it. It can be the plan up-gradation with the growing needs of the website or price increase by the host. Alternatively, it can also be because of the poor experience with the host for unresponsive customer service, intermittent technical and security troubles, or restricted opportunities and resources. So migrating the hosting is almost common among web users. However, many people confront various issues during or after the migration because of some mistakes that happened during the process.


So here we delineate the critical mistakes you should avoid at all costs.


You Forgot the Backups 


IT disasters and mishaps, whether a cyber-attack or a file deletion, can happen at any time. So, needless to say, how important backups are for any web commodity. But unfortunately, these backups are going to be one of your mistakes if you didn't do it beforehand of the migration.


Many web hosting services in Pakistan allow daily backup others offer weekly or periodic backups. If you can't get much assistance from your host, find other ways like plugins and drives to back up your website before migrating the hosting.


So you don't have to revert to the drawing board to get started with your website. For instance, you can get the latest versions of your website's looks and functionality, pages, content, even uploads, etc. In short, you get your site right where you left it last time if you stored the current copy of your website and databases. Otherwise, you can lose your whole website if something like a crash or power outage happens.


You Didn't Plan Every Bit of Your Hosting Migration Beforehand 


Obviously, you have found the host you want to migrate to. So here is the first tip in this regard. Explore and confirm all the features/ facts you need this time or causing you to leave your previous host. Don't fall into the same abyss again.  


Credible web hosts with Cheap web hosting in Pakistan and reliable server stability and uptime can be the right option. Further, look at the customer support channels and availability as well. 


However, deciding on the web host you are migrating to isn't enough to risk your website. Make sure you have fathomed the changes according to your website building platform, its traffic, and other technical and non-technical aspects. Doing so will help you plan the migration in a clear direction. Also, you'll be able to overcome the potential risks in a better way. Otherwise, it will not only hinder your website from getting back to its feet but also causes downtime and customer loss.


In addition, properly understand the instructions for migrating the hosting. Also, arrange the essential information beforehand; either you DIY or let the host do it.


Opting for Migration At Critical Times


Here we extend the above discussion more; time is the critical factor for website migration of any type. Be it hosting, CMS, platform, or so on.



The website will have downtime during migration. Though employing professional hosting expertise can shorten the time still, the website undergoes downtimes. So you should never neglect the critical times of your website.


For instance, new product launches, website/ business peak seasons, voluminous traffic, and other similar times are crucial to any online business. Poor migration planning can cause losing customers. So keep track of such times for your successful website hosting migration.


DIY or Not Asking For Help 


Last but definitely not least is whether you are DIY or grabbing a helping hand. If you are a tech-related person and know how the website and server backend works, you can give it a go. In contrast, no one will be there to troubleshoot if you DIY yet aren't technically aware and get into trouble. Plus, it might cause you to lose your ripened website and lose hundreds of dollars and/ or spend hundreds of dollars to resolve the issues.


All in all, it is better that your new host offer free migration. Or at least it provides professional assistance to you while migrating the hosting. In that case, you won't lose your website even if you run into technical issues.


Navicosoft offers cheap web hosting in Pakistan with all types of hosting available and customized according to unique needs. In addition, its web hosting services in Pakistan offer free migration in most cases. And also the assistance the user needs for smooth hosting migration.



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