4 Features of Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper Cable that Result is Awesomeness

on June 24 at 10:16 PM

Ethernet cables become a mandatory part of the cabling structures in newly built buildings. This is due to the increasing need for networking solutions. Most businesses have adopted advanced ways to progress in their businesses. This increases the importance of network speeds at all places whether you are at home or in the office. In this case, the advanced variants of Ethernet cables like Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper and Cat6a plenum cable become hot cakes.

People like to install them in their networks to get the maximum performance out of their networks. This improves their working environment as well. It helps them in giving their best without any hassle. In this article, we will discuss some great features of Cat6 plenum pure copper cable that result in their awesomeness.

1.   Data Transfer Speed: -

The data transfer speeds are the main concern in the networks. No matter how much you invest in your network design. If they are not providing good speeds then they are useless. The data transfer speeds are highly dependent on the types of network cables used in it.

In this scenario, the Cat6 Plenum cable has great importance. They perform extremely well in types of situations. They are able to transfer speeds up to 10Gbps. Although, there is a limitation on this transfer rate up to 50 meters still it is very useful in many cases. Above 50 meters, its speed comes down to 1Gbps up to 100 meters.

2.   Plenum Jacket: -

Most manufacturers nowadays manufacture these cables with plenum jackets. This jacket is made of a special type of material known as Polyethylene. This material is highly inflammable. This makes this cable the safest option to install in the networks. Even if case fire catches this cable, it does not produce any toxic smoke or substance that is harmful to humans.

3.   Color-Coded Conductor Wires: -

This cable comes with 4 pairs of conductor wires. All these pairs are colour-coded. This makes the identification of the cable easy for the installing persons.

4.   Pure Copper Conductor Material: -

 Nowadays, most users and manufacturers like to see these cables using pure copper conductor wires. This enhances the performance of the cables to a great extent. Pure copper material is known as one of the best conductor materials. It has the capability to transfer more energy into the system rather than wasting it in the environment.

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