Tourist Attractions in Mecca

on June 04 at 11:00 AM
Here is the post on Tourist Attractions in Mecca offered by our travel agency with the cheap and best cheap umrah packages. There are various sites to visit in Mecca if you are planning a Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage or simply want to spend a holiday in the holy city. Mecca is located at a height of 277 meters above sea level in a small valley.

The city is considered the holiest in the world, and a large portion of it is restricted to Muslims performing the Umrah or Hajj. Some areas of the city, however, are available to visitors who are merely there for a holiday or to pay tribute to the holy places. The most notable attraction is Masjid al-Haram, the world's largest mosque.

And the Holy Kaaba, which is wrapped in black and gold fabric and is placed at the center, is the central focus for every Muslim over the world. Other architecturally stunning Mecca tourist sites are also available. If you want to learn more about Makkah, you may also go to the Makkah Museum. The following is a list of the top sites to visit in Mecca:

• Kaaba
The Kaaba, also known as the House of Allah since it is the first Qibla for Muslims, is one of Saudi Arabia's most magnificent and renowned landmarks. During the Hajj pilgrimage, Muslims from all over the globe visit the Kaaba. Because it contains a black stone that Muslims believe was previously white but has now become black due to the misdeeds of billions of visitors who have visited it over the years.

• Tower of Abraj Al-Bait
Abraj Al-Bait is a massive tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia's primary business district. The massive structure is known as the Makkah Royal Clock and is also known as the Mecca Clock Tower. After the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower, the Clock Tower is the world's third-highest structure, standing at 601 meters (1972 feet). Looking up at the magnificent Abraj Al-Bait Tower at night is quite magical.

• Jabal Al Nour
It is also called the Mountain of Light, and it is supposed that the Prophet prayed there to obtain the first revelations. For so many Muslims across the world, it is a significant religious and pilgrimage place. The mountain is approximately 620 meters high, and reaching the summit requires a difficult trek. This mountain is remarkable in that it appears to be two mountains stacked on top of each other, with a mountainous desert at the summit.

• Mina's City
Mina is the Saudi Arabian city of tents, situated in the low-lying Jamaraat valley in the Makkah area. The world's biggest tent city is home to around 100,000 tents for pilgrims departing from Mecca following their seven-round ritual at Mecca, Safa, and Murah. Explore the interesting tent city and see the stoning of the Devil, a Hajj pilgrim tradition done on the final day of the Hajj.

• Museum of Makkah
For hundreds of years, the Makkah Museum has been the historic heart of Muslim pilgrimage, welcoming thousands of pilgrims. The historic Museum features unique antiques, interesting collections, and exhibits that highlight the holy city's history and past. Explore the exhibition including artifacts and treasures from the age of the Prophet Muhammad's companions and take a tour of the seven main halls illustrating Islamic civilization.

• Arafat Mountain
Mount Arafat is a granitic peak about 20 kilometers southeast of Mecca with a magnificent height of roughly 70 meters (230 feet). The mountain of compassion, with a height of 454 meters above ground level, is the highest point on the mountain. According to Islamic tradition, the hill is where the Prophet Muhammad gave the Khutbah tul-Wada, or Farewell Sermon, to the Muslims who accompanied him on the Hajj.

• Bridge of Jamaraat
The Jamaraat Bridge is a road bridge in Mina, which is located east of Mecca. The bridge is one of the sacred sites visited by Muslim pilgrims doing the Islamic Hajj every year. Pilgrims hit the Big Jamrah, or Al-Jamrah al-Aqaba, with seven stones during the Stoning of the Devil ritual. The stoning of the Jamaraat is symbolic of man's spiritual significance.

• Mecca, Jabal Thawr
Jabal Thawr Makkah is a well-known holy place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, located to the south of the neighborhood of Misfalah Mount Thawr. It is attended by many pilgrims who perform Umrah via December Umrah Packages from all over the world. The site is a mountain that has a cavern wherein Prophet Muhammad and his colleague Abu Bakr hid for three days and nights before fleeing to Medina.

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