Things to Check Before Buying an Apartment or a Flat in Kottayam

on May 31 at 04:38 PM

If you are a person who has rented a lot of apartments in your lifetime, you would know how much of a waste of money it is. Owning an apartment is always an investment. Even if you are not planning to reside there, you can rent the apartment and receive a parallel income. Buying your own apartment is not similar to renting one, as you cannot move or change the apartment as you wish. 

Kottayam is a very peaceful place which also has a city vibe, where everything is available to you with a click on your phone. Kottayam is right in the middle of all the visit-worthy places such as Munnar, Thekkady, Kochi, Kumarakom, and so much more. It is also popularly known as the "Akshara Nagari", which translates to the "City of Letters", considering and inspired by its huge contribution to the print media and literature.

If you are a newbie to apartment hunting in Kottayam, there are several factors for you to consider before you buy the perfect apartment for you.

Location and Area of the Property

When you are planning to buy an apartment in Kottayam, the first thing to consider and decide on is the location or area of your future apartment. It is beneficial for you to choose apartments and flats in Kottayam that are near to the landmarks, such as hospitals, malls, restaurants, schools, etc. Asset Homes has built a number of flats in Kottayam that could satisfy all your needs and preferences.

The Cost of the Property

It is ideal and, at the same time, beneficial for you if you fix a reasonable price or budget for your flat in Kottayam, depending upon the facilities you require. Asset Homes has introduced budget-friendly and elegant apartments in the heart of Kottayam, such as Asset Chrisabelle, Asset Sapphire, and so on.

See the Property for Yourself

Do not always trust the images and videos on the website or social media when you are buying an apartment in Kottayam or any other place. You ought to visit and check the place for yourself so as to ensure that the flat is perfect for you. 

Safety and Security 

When you visit and check the apartments in Kottayam, you should also monitor the safety measures available at the apartment building. Safety measures such as area fencing, security professionals, and CCTV cameras are some of the inevitable security measures that a flat should provide its residents to prevent strangers from entering the flat and resulting in some mishaps. You should also ensure that there is fire safety equipment available at the apartment premises, such as a fire alarm, a fire extinguisher, and so on.

Legal Checks

The story of Maradu Flats is one of the most haunting stories for people who are planning to buy a flat. Before signing the ownership agreement and paying the price of the apartment, you should check if the apartment is authorised to be built on the plot, if the apartment is certified as fit for stay, and so on. You could ask for these certifications directly from the builders in Kerala like Asset Homes, and they would be happy to show you the certifications and authorisations.

Agreements and Hidden or Additional Charges

When you pay the price of the flat in Kottayam or any other place in Kerala, you will have to sign a document with numerous clauses. Make sure to read every clause of the contract before signing it. Other than the said price of the apartment, there could be more hidden and additional charges during your stay in the flat in Kottayam, such as maintenance charges, common area electricity bills, water bills, salary to be paid to the security and other workers who keep the apartment clean and tidy, and so much more. So ensure that you sign the contract after reading and understanding all the clauses in the agreement.

Other Amenities

Along with the facilities that are available inside your flat, you should also check for other common amenities that are available in the flat area, such as car parking facilities, a playground for children, a swimming pool, a gym, and so on.

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