"The Coliseum" Is an Exquisite and Remarkable Rome Attraction

on May 23 at 04:24 PM
One of the most beautiful cities of that world that has flawlessly preserved its age-old aura and charm for ages is ravishing Rome. The city houses numerous architectural wonders and monuments and is known for its splendid milieu and warmth. Once you decide to visit this amazing land and choose to spend some time there and stay in any of the hotels in Rome, you are bound to have some of the most exquisite time here.

To add-on to your retreat experience, the city houses numerous grand and imposing structures. And, if you are wondering where to start with, then the best option would be the Coliseum. Started by Emperor Vespasian, it was opened by his son Titus in 80 A.D and since then the Flavius amphitheatre, as it was previously known as, has been one of the biggest and most impressive reminders of the Roman past. Though the colossal construction has fallen into relics, but even now it is a striking and fine-looking sight.

Situated between the Caelian Hills and the Esquiline on swampy type of land, it is undeniably one of the most arresting antique structures. You will get to behold one of the most fascinating sights on your visit here. Not only the looks wise, but you will also be amazed with its realistic and practical design. It is a huge 188m long and 156 wide ellipse. It could put up around 55,000 spectators who could enter the building through 80 entrances. It had four floors; the first three had eighty arches each; the arches on the second and third floors were decorated with huge statues. At first 240 masts were attached to stone corbels on the 4th level.

The Coliseum is perhaps best known, however, as the well-known scene of dangerous competitions. The emperors used it to amuse the public with free games. Those playoffs were a representation of stature and authority. The games and contests were held at regular intervals and they generally started with comic acts and show of unusual Best things to do in Rome animals. The fighters participating in these games were usually slaves, prisoners of war or condemned criminals. On your visit to the city or during your stay in any of the hotels in Rome, you will get to hear and know more about the magnificence and glory of this place, and make sure you visit it.

The fact is that the Coliseum has always been and continues to raise the curiosity of the visitors and vacationers. And, even today millions of tourists continue to visit this splendid structure. Make sure you make a visit to this one of the most excellent examples of Roman architecture, and envision the ancient city as it was at its pinnacle.

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