Free Android Apps That will Actually make You Money While Shopping

on May 22 at 08:52 PM

Shopping is either pure paradise or do it yourself depending on who you ask. Regardless of which end of the array you are on, Android mobile phone apps will help you save money and allow you to be a extremely effective buyer (which I believe attracts most of you). So what does that entail? It'll give the shopaholics more hammer for their profit, which is never a bad thing. Maybe even more importantly, these Android mobile phone apps will provide shopaphobes what they really crave- less time in the stores!

The pure power and functionality of these Android mobile phone apps can definitely make shopping virtually an all new experience. No matter if these apps work as a shopping list, database, storefront or a medigap knowledge source, they're all squarely aimed at one thing: if you use them, they can save you money!

You're getting a feeling like Android mobile phone shopping apps, in general, could possibly help you, right? Well here are 10 Android mobile phone apps that can save you money while they help you fulfill all your shopping needs and desires. Also and did I mention that all these ten are free to download?


Want to know more about an item you saw on the holder? Just use SnapTell to scan the barcode of any CD, DVD, book or video game and you will be able to get all the information you could kingsmodapk possibly need. What type of information? Well, if you just want some more general information, that will work. Such as, if you want to observe how the price stacks up to other distributors, it can do that for you in seconds. This iphone app could be a big time money-saver for you if you take the time to use it before you make that next media purchase!

Key Ring Reward Cards

This is a very handy iphone app to consolidate all your clutter in your purse/wallet while ensuring you don't lose valuable reward/loyalty cards. How does it work? Whatever you do is take a snapshot of the barcode of your reward card (just about any decent sized company with a rewards program is in the database- over 650 programs) and enter some basic information about the store. That's it; you're now ready to use your phone as your reward card at that store in the future by pulling up your reward information from that store on this Android mobile phone iphone app. It's most likely not for non-techies or those who crave extreme simplicity. It is, however, a better plan and technology that will no doubt get cleaner in the future.

If you don't mind carrying all your reward cards and potentially losing one or two along the way (and having to endure the wait to switch the card), this free Android mobile phone iphone app sounds like a waste of time. But, if the extra inch of not-so-soft plastic padding for your rump (or the wrong use of perfectly good purse space- not to mention the potential inability to use your chic tiny purse out shopping) isn't idyllic, this iphone app is worth the little bit to download and get everything set up properly.


This is the perfect iphone app for the happy, busy category of Android mobile phone phone users. It allows your kids to endlessly add all of their necessary foods. When the items are purchased, they can be taken off the list (on all the Android mobile phone phones it's registered to) and then, 4 hours later, they can easily be added back onto the list! Joshing aside, this is a great iphone app to have for the new-age hyper busy, hyper tech families trying to become extremely effective.

Hey, it costs a lot of money to keep purchasing that extra loaf of bread that your husband/wife (or even you- thanks to that unsure err, don't we start to use bread moment even though you just bought two loaves yesterday- yes you are not alone! ) just picked up and can become turning green before anyone has an opportunity to make a sandwich with it.

OI Shopping list

To me, this iphone app, fully named the OpenIntents Shopping list, is like the OurGroceries for the single folks out there. Not saying a family wouldn't benefit from this iphone app, it just has more features and it's really not a perfect fit like the other iphone app is for families that require a simple solution to maintain on their latest shopping needs. That being said, this iphone app is a powerful workhorse and can really end up saving you a lot of time and some decent cash at year's end.

US Yellow Pages Search

This is one of the more useful free Android mobile phone apps available and We will be honest, it doesn't 100% fit with the theme of assisting you save money while shopping. I could claim that it does, but for simplicity, I'll just use an old clich: Time is Money! Saving some time is just as good as spending less on those busy days on trips. Having this iphone app on your Android mobile phone phone is like having 300 super-thick Yellowbooks from all over the US stuffed into your back pocket. Not a bad thing if you travel a decent amount or enjoy living outside of your house. It's just a great resource to have on hand for those times when you need to find a business's number fast.

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