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A report is a type of public (oral) presentation of information on a particular issue in the form of a detailed report based on the use of documentary data.

Scientific report - one of the forms of promulgation of the results of scientific research, a detailed presentation of a particular scientific topic, problem or issue.

The report combines three qualities of the researcher: the ability to conduct scientific research, the ability to present the results to the audience and qualified to answer questions.

During the preparation for the presentation it is advisable to prepare the text of the report, that is a document containing information about the subject and object of research, the rationale for the relevance and prospects of studying this issue, the main results, conclusions and proposals. Working on the text of the report - cpm hw help, you should remember that it is intended for oral reading and discussion, so it requires not only his possession of the material report, but also the ability to answer questions, to enter into a discussion and prove to the audience the correctness of the arguments and politely obtained results.

Depending on the content and volume of the material presented, a distinction is made between:

report reports - summarize the status of the research process;

current - give information about the progress of the work;

reports on research topics allow you to present the results of completed research work, such as coursework, thesis or master's thesis.

The most common structure of the report, which contains an introduction, the main part, the conclusion.

At the beginning of the report indicate the title of the work, the name of the supervisor, the place where the work was performed.

In the introduction explain the theme of the report, indicate the relevance of the problem, its significance, formulate the purpose of the report, set out the history of research on the issue.

In the main part of the submit a description of the scientific problem (it is advisable to highlight the main aspect of the problem, and then the main provisions, which in detail and consistently analyze). The main part of the report should not be overloaded with an excess of experimental data. The sheer number of results cannot increase the value of the paper.

Conclusions summarize the most important provisions, they should be clear and concise.

In the report, it is advisable to observe the polemical character, which will arouse the interest of the audience, as well as reference to previous performances.

When preparing the text of the report use professional scholarship essay writers , one should take into account that much of the important information is presented on slides, slides, or posters. Now mostly computer presentations are used. The speaker should use the illustrative material effectively, commenting briefly on it. This saves 20-40% of the presentation time.

Like the text of the report, the illustrative material should be as accessible as possible. On one of the slides or posters it is desirable to reflect the plan of the report, it will help listeners to better orient themselves in the material of the work. Graphs, schemes, drawings should be simplified as much as possible, leaving additional data on the oral comment.

Forming the content of the report, the selection of material, it is important to consider that the text, published on three pages, a person can read in 10 minutes. Consequently, the text of the speech can be from 3 to 5 pages.

The beginning of the report is crucial to creating a good impression in the audience. The speaker's language should indicate that he or she has a thorough knowledge of the subject and is well prepared for the presentation.

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