[Cake DeFi] Short Offer Increased bonus at Cake DeFi: Free Welcome Bonus 40$ for People using my referral Code for register and $20 for referer!

on April 14 at 02:56 PM

this time, I would like to introduce Cake Defi, a platform that empowers owners to earn cashflows from decentralised finance.

You will get if you deposit 50$ in Btc and use my referral code for sign up and completed KYC 40$ in DFI for free! After it you can withdraw it to your bank account and referral your own code to friends and do the same!

If you Refer a friend on cake defi  you will enjoy an extra $10 on top of the current referral payouts. Each successful referral (account verified with a minimum $50 deposit) earns the referrer $20, and the referee $40 (both in DFI).
Join the Easter egg hunt and unlock more bonuses!
From 11 to 25 April 2022, the more friends you refer, the more Easter eggs you will find!

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If you want to receive the bonus make sure to use my invitation link for signing up (Code: 878875 ) because otherwise, you won't receive it.

Referral Code: 878875

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