MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air: Which should you buy?

on March 12 at 05:54 AM

If you plan to do intensive content creation, including photo editing, video editing, or graphic design, then the MacBook Pro is a great option. If you want a machine for more general use—with some light content creation—you should buy the MacBook Air, because it's more affordable and still offers plenty of great features. Overall, the MacBook Air is the best MacBook for most people.


The MacBook Pro is for content creation

If you plan on flexing your creative muscles, whether it be with photography, videography, or graphic design, the MacBook Pro should be in your bag. It offers the most power out of the Mac laptop lineup, along with the best display, which is important for photographers and filmmakers.


The MacBook Pro and difference between ipad pro and macbook air comes equipped with a 13.3-inch screen that features a wider DCI-P3 color gamut, which provides users with a wider range of colors. Again, if color science is important to your workflow, then the MacBook Pro's screen is worth the more expensive price tag.


The MacBook Pro is a nice option difference between ipad pro and macbook air


From a design standpoint, the MacBook Pro is a little larger than the MacBook Air. It doesn't feature a tapered wedge, but rather a flatter and more squared design. But it's still just as portable at 3.02 pounds, despite not being quite as svelte.


The base MacBook Pro features a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage, and two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. If you want to step up in price, you can get features like a Touch Bar with integrated Touch ID sensor.


Although the MacBook Pro is faster than the MacBook Air, it's not faster by much. Apple hasn't updated the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro for over a year, and it's unclear if we'll see any changes now that the MacBook Air is around.

The MacBook Air is great for the everyday user

Not everyone needs a laptop to edit photos and videos. If you want something more tailored to everyday tasks, such as sending email, browsing the web, and document editing, the MacBook Air is the device for you.


At 0.61 inches tall and weighing in at just 2.75 pounds, the MacBook Air is a small, beautiful laptop that's perfect for lugging to class, work, or the nearest coffee shop. But just because it's portable doesn't mean it's not capable. Even though it's not quite as powerful as the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air can still handle plenty of intensive tasks.


Finally, the MacBook Air features Apple's latest T2 Security Chip, which the company says will protect your machine from malicious attacks while keeping your files and personal information safe. You don't get that with the base MacBook Pro.


However, if you have no interest in any of those things, then consider the MacBook Air. For more general use, the MacBook Air is the smarter option, because it's cheaper and comes with Touch ID. Plus, it's easier to carry around, thanks to its tapered design and lighter frame. If we had to pick between the two, we'd go with the MacBook Air. It's just the best option for most people.

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