Pfizer Launches Vaccine Trial for the New Coronavirus Variant – Omicron

on January 27 at 07:09 PM

The Pharmaceutical giant is ready for the trials for the new vaccine. Pfizer launches the Omicron vaccine trial and hopes that it will get approval by the end of March 2022. More than 95,000 cases were reported in the UK and the highest deaths recorded in the UK since February 2021. The yearly data showed that more than 400 deaths were recorded in the last year due to coronavirus in the country.

The company announced that they are going to begin the new trials for the Omicron variant with its German Partner BioNTech. To counter the latest variant of the coronavirus – Omicron, they developed the advanced vaccine and started the trials. Sources confirmed hopes of getting approval by the end of March this year. For more visit UK Sleeping Pill .

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