Writing literature review - a complete guide

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Developing a crucial literature review is sometimes the most unnerving phase of writing a research paper or any other academic thesis. It often seems like a massive task if not properly organized and creates frustration among writers to write my essay and complete it. Even many students during their stage of Final Year Projects are exposed to trouble because they lack the appropriate knowledge of how to write a literature review and are unable to produce well-written literature. 

But, nowadays, you are not required to worry too much about having to write a lengthy literature review or the entire essay. All you need to do is to open up your laptop and browse for reliable writing services that cater to your requests and satisfy your tailored demands. You can easily get customized essays by availing essay writer online to get high-quality work on time. So, you can sit back and relax as you can get learning aid from such services at any time. Writing specialists are already acquainted with the pressure and frustration they have to face due to rewriting and editing but they have developed their tactics to tackle this frustration in an effective way, over the period of time.

So, let’s have a look at a few hints to write an effective and precise literature review in a systematic way.

A Roadmap for Writing Literature Review

  • It can be organized into sections that identify themes (thematic literature review)
  • The literature review should be directly associated with the problem statement of a thesis and link relevant theory.
  • The blended literature review has a summarized form that highlights preceding studies and current literature.
  • Recognize and analyze the fields of argument in the literature.
  • Frame problems that require further research and identify them as ‘literature gaps’
  • Evaluate the relevant published material based on the substantial concept of the thesis or problem statement of research.

Points to Ponder

  • Remember, at the time of writing a literature review, the primary purpose is to explain to the reader the ideas and knowledge that have been developed on a particular theme. It should illustrate the strengths and shortcomings of the existing work. 
  • The literature review should be identified through a guiding concept such as the objectives of your research and the problem that needs to be addressed in a piece of writing.
  • It should not merely be a frame of summaries and a descriptive list of the accessible material. It must be thoroughly analyzed too.

Steps to Develop Literature Review

The professional academic writers cater to your demand and provide exclusive plagiarism-free content. So, you should try opting such services that particularly provide the option of ‘essay writing service to deliver your work as per your instructions. It will not only save time but also result in crafting a remarkable piece of literature. Writing a literature review is not at all difficult if you follow some important steps to keep going in the right direction. These steps are:

Choose your fields of research

Prior to looking for articles, firstly select the areas of research that interest you the most. So, keep in mind that you only approach books and articles relevant to essay writer online. For instance, a literature review you are presently working on highlights the significance of intellectual capital on the performance of business. Identify key words in the theme of your essay and see if this piece of literature adds to the explanation of those themes or not.

Explore the literature

Carry out a complete bibliographic examination of articles and books in your field. Go through the abstracts that are related to the field of your research. Design an appropriate time frame for conducting a comprehensive search on literature material, but it should not take longer than the deadline.

Search for appropriate excerpts in articles and books

Skim through the contents of each article to search for findings, limitations, follow-up studies, and conclusions relevant to your research topic.

Stack the literature

Arrange the paper into parallel themes to figure out the main topic. Then insert each citation into a themed stack to write essay for me and ensure each excerpt goes into a stack. After completing, insert each pile of notes into a category labeled with that specific title.

Craft the Conceptual Outline

Inscribe the conceptual outline down and organize your ideas that are relevant to your paper, into themes and categories to make it easier for you to keep track of your thought process.

Start to Write the Literature Review

Decide on any unit or theme of your outline to start with. Analyze the literature related to that theme and its sub-themes and summarize the content relevant to your essay/paper on a separate document, to retain just the relevant knowledge.

If you avail an online service, the most relevant professional essay writer is selected for your custom essay. These writers are highly qualified and experts in writing skills. It will contribute to polishing your academic growth and securing good grades. You can save your time and utilize it in other productive activities that interest you. These cost-effective online writing services reduce your nervousness. It will not only relieve your nerves and mind but also boost your confidence level.

Spelling and Grammar 

It’s essential to conduct spell checks and correct grammatical errors. Editing the article is the final step before submitting an essay, to make sure that no errors are left unchecked. 

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