Hoodie Buddie Reviews

on January 14 at 11:31 AM
One of the really innovative and composure sweatshirts to come out this past season is the Hoodie Buddie. You are probably wondering just what this thing is. Here is a very cool plan in that the Hoodie Buddie has MP3 gambler ear buds and connections built right in to the sweatshirt. Hoodie Buddie is the original company to introduce this unique concept, with others that have also brought their imitations to market. Here in this article we lack to proceeds a closer look at the Hoodie Buddie.

This unique sweatshirt uses a patent pending technology that is referred to as HB3T. Inside the front pocket is built in a prototypes jack so that can be used with any type of headset device. This includes the ever popular iPod, MP3 player, and of orbit if you are still old school your Sony Walkman. Here is the really composure segment in that once plugged in the hood gully strings of your sweatshirt are really ear buds. That is right, the ear shoot are incorporated in to the gully pickpocket and all you obligation to do is position them in your corncob and you are wired for sound.

The very termination of the attraction strings have the ear bud course fabricated within it, so all you do is grab them and situation them in your ear. They are always there, ready to use, and you never have to proceeds them off. The strings are not made of thin plastic covered audio thread like bulk top phones. Rather, the string is housed with a mesh type cloths that actually countenance like it is sliver of the sweatshirt, and it will never tangle. Here is something that is really incredible, in that the Hoodie Buddie is completely machine washable. This is right, drop it in the washer, tumble dry, and you will never harm the cords.

There are three simple steps to get rocking with your Hoodie Buddie. First, all you necessity to do is location your singing unit in your pocket and cork in the top phone jack. Next, you grab the gully string corncob buds of your Hoodie Buddie and post them in your ear. Finally, you evidence want to accordance your sweatshirt fresh by regularly machine washing it and tumbling dry. That is all there is to it and your Hoodie Buddie is your new best friend forever.

Now why on ground would you poverty a sweatshirt that has built in ear buds with included jack. Well, first of all it is extremely convenient because you testament never again have to tote around a tangled muddle of wires. The Hoodie Buddie gully strings are always there ready to use. Second, the Hoodie Buddie is a great resources to sit back and listen to your favorite audio file while sitting in a boring lecture, on a long train ride, or while bringing a casual stroll. You see, this unique design always ensures that you have your top phones ready to use and you never have to think closely holding them with you. In addition, you will find that the Hoodie Buddie is quite fashionable and comes in many stylish designs.

Hoodie Buddie Review - This is the original, made by the original company. Hoodie Buddie is a company as well as a behavior of sweatshirt, and if you demand their authentic brand you poverty to purchase from them. The submission unique lines for both son and girls in many different popular colors. The HB has the patent pending design so you will never have to worry about using a cheap imitation. With younger youngster the representation prints with the Superman, Spiderman, and MTV are quite popular. For older teenagers the solid personality are preferred and the solid black, armada blue, and white seeming quite attractive. With the women the top choice seem to be the Minnie Mouse print, solid red, hounds prong pattern, and the black and white Polka dot. The HB is priced between forty and fifty dollars and can be found through their online store.

The Rusty Wired Sweatshirt Review - As with any popular impression there testament be alternatives and Rusty has introduced their own queue of Hoodie Buddie, which they are aspiration a wired hoodie. This has all of the features of the original, offering both pull over and zip up styles to choose from with the Rusty insignia added to the front. The Rusty wired system features the HB3 technology in their fleece event offerings. The gully strings include the corncob guy at the end, and the headphone cork in is located in the pocket. You tins discovery these priced at around fifty dollars not including tax and shipping. With the best online shopping experience, Frishay is designed for our Worldwide customer's needs. Get the latest products at great discounts. For more details please visit my website:

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