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With increasing cases of the coronavirus in the UK, the country peaked at more than 2, 00,000 cases in a single day. Hospitals and intensive care units are dealing with too much pressure currently in the UK. The healthcare systems are declaring critical situations with the surge of Omicron cases. However, PM Boris Johnson said that there would be no new restrictions or measures in the country. He added that we would sail through this wave without any further lockdowns or restrictions.

The NHS bosses said that more than 20 trusts have now declared critical incidents. After the statement given by PM Boris Johnson that the country will ride out this wave too without any further restrictions. The NHS leaders criticized the PM’s statement. Further, the bosses said that critical incidents should not be the best way to measure the performance of NHS in the country.

On the other side, the Travel and aviation industry welcomed the per-departure travel test scrapped rule decision. The rules will ease the traveling to England, the government said. From Friday, people who are fully vaccinated can travel to England without any tests before their departure. In addition, the government said that instead of taking the PCR test, the travelers could take a cheaper lateral flow test. Further, the self-isolation rules will be changed too.

For instance, Scotland cut the 10 days self-isolation rules to 7 days.

This decision was taken by the government after receiving calls from Travel firms, as the current measures are not effective to stop the spread of the Omicron wave. The cases are spreading widely and implementing travel rules could not help much.

Under the new rule, people who are traveling to the UK, if they are fully vaccinated, need not take the PCR tests and not need to self-isolate themselves, if they have a negative lateral flow report.

However, currently, they have to self-isolate themselves, which makes it tougher to travel to the UK. Unvaccinated people have to take a per-departure test and isolate themselves for 10 days.

The PM said the per-departure tests are costly and increase the spending of the travelers coming to the UK. Easing the travel rules will encourage traveler’s to the UK. For more visit UK Sleeping pill


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