What do automatic driving lessons include?

on December 10 at 10:50 AM

If you are thinking about taking automatic driving school sessions, it is essential to understand what they include. Automatic driving sessions can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to drive a car that is an automatic transmission.

In many cases, an automatic driving school will cover the basics of how to drive an automatic car, such as how to change gears and use the brake and accelerator pedals.

Additionally, the automatic driving school in Johannesburg may offer a free assessment or taster session so that you can try out automated driving before committing to an entire course.


Furthermore, here is a list of things an automated driving session includes:


1) Teaching you the basics of how to drive an automatic car:

Most automatic driving school lessons will start with a basic introduction to the vehicle. It includes introducing how to change gears, use the brake and accelerator pedals, and perform basic safety checks before driving. You will also learn about the different controls and how to use them.


2) Ways of being aware while driving the automation car:

You will also learn about defensive driving techniques, such as anticipating hazards and staying safe on the road. Your instructor will also give you advice on reducing the risk of accidents.


3) How to change gears:

Changing gears is one of the basic skills you will learn in an automatic driving school. Most cars have an automatic gearbox, which means that the car will change gears automatically. However, there are a few things you'll be taught in the automatic gear changing session.

  1. Always use the footbrake to stop the car before changing gears
  2. Make sure that the car is in "Park" or "neutral" before attempting to change gears
  3. Don't rush when changing between each gear


4) Driving tips for automatic car:

Your instructor will teach you the right way to perform a three-point turn - which is an essential technique when learning to drive an automatic car. You will learn about the correct driving position, correct gear changes, and how to avoid skids. Besides, you'll get important information about the importance of using your indicator correctly and how to park safely.


5) Operation of the automatic cars:

You will also learn about the different components of your car and how they work. You'll become aware of the other safety systems such as ABS, ESP, and airbags. If you're driving a manual car too, This kind of knowledge might help you if something ever goes wrong on the road!



Courses offered in an automatic driving school


1) Training for manual car:

Manual cars are a lot different from automatic ones. Manual driving lessons will teach you how to drive a manual car, which includes understanding the gears and how it works.


2) Teaching your defensive driving techniques:

Your instructor will teach you defensive driving techniques in an automatic driving school lesson. These will help you stay safe on the road and avoid accidents.


3) Understanding the different functions of your car:

You'll learn about the other parts of your vehicle. You'll learn about things such as the brakes, gears, and steering wheel.


4) Basic maintenance tips:

The maintenance tips include how to change the oil and other filters in your car. You'll also understand how to check the user manual for any faults or problems that may occur. In case of emergencies, you'll be able to do basic things yourself.


5) How to inspect the car before driving it:

In this part, you'll learn about checking for oil, water, and other fluid levels, as well as tire pressure. You'll also remember where all of these parts are located on the car. This is a significant safety measure, and you must know how to do it correctly.


So now, if you're looking to take automatic driving lessons, you may contact NDS Driving School, for they are an excellent driving school company offering an affordable series of courses for all types of car driving. Also, by following the guidelines mentioned above, you'll be one step closer to becoming a safe and confident driver behind the wheel of an automation car!

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