Oversized Chevron Parquet Flooring: Why Choose It and Where to Use It

on December 06 at 03:30 PM

It's easy to imagine that parquet wood flooring's only rightful place is inside sprawling period properties, but in reality, this ancient flooring practice is far more versatile. Providing a particularly exciting and often contemporary look, we discover large chevron parquet wood flooring. There is no doubt that this edgy and interesting option captures an entirely different aesthetic to those found within the halls of the Palace of Versailles—something far more unusual, ideal for modern minimalist interiors or characterful and creative design.


We know that those who dream of hardwood flooring can find themselves feeling spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing style and finish, but we can't help but feel that oversized chevron parquet wood flooring still remains worthy of consideration. It's fresh, unique, and decidedly decadent, establishing an impression that is sure to make its mark on all who enter. If that's not the reason to invest in stunning chevron parquet flooring, then what is?


What Exactly Is Chevron Parquet Flooring?


Before we delve into the reasons why you might opt for large chevron parquet wood flooring, it's worth taking a moment in appreciation for this striking interior element and its history.


We mentioned Versailles, and you might imagine that the palace only hosts its namesake style of parquetry, perhaps accompanied by some herringbone here and there, but in fact, chevron parquet flooring makes a special appearance too. It would seem that Marie Antoinette strolled across floors that were far ahead of their time, because a single room—the Hall of the Queen's Guards—was in fact decorated with this striking flooring pattern, as it continues to be to this day.


Of course, the chevron pattern itself can be traced back to Medieval heraldry, Ancient Greek pottery, and Roman road tiles. This is likely thanks to its visual appeal. In the case of flooring, planks cut usually at 45º angles, and laid in beautifully linear strips that foster a dynamic and yet elegant draw for the eyes. With the full spectrum of wood types and finishes that we are able to enjoy today, chevron parquet flooring can easily be manifested in a way that feels modern and geometric, or timeless and classical.


Contemporary parquetry techniques offer yet more versatility, making it possible to achieve this gorgeous look within just about any interior. However, we're getting ahead of ourselves—let's come back to engineered wide plank chevron pattern wood flooring momentarily!


The Whys and Wheres of Large Chevron Parquet Wood Flooring


If you like the idea of a unique wood floor design, oversized chevron parquet flooring is a fantastic option. Because each wooden surface is larger, more of the wood's natural grain pattern can be enjoyed and strategically highlighted. This may mean choosing a wood with a delicately undulating grain, or it may mean picking out something decoratively knotted with high-contrast character.


In terms of where oversized chevron parquet flooring is best suited to—and indeed one of the whys that might entice to you choose it—there is magic to be harnessed when opting for a wide plank design. When we say magic, we mean in the illusionary sense. Large chevron parquet wood flooring holds the fascinating quality of being able to make certain spaces look bigger and others look smaller. Or, to quote Goldilocks, some “just right!”


Within a particularly large space, oversized chevron can create a pleasing impression of proportion and even intimacy. Within a more conventionally sized room, those large diagonal shapes can make the interior appear larger than it is—quite impressively so! However, it is important to note that there is a bottom end to the scale within which this impact can be achieved. In a very small space, wide planks can look out of place, simply highlighting the limited surface area.


Beyond these factors, the distinctive look offered by a larger chevron parquet wood flooring can provide a diversity of different impressions. There are few things more enjoyable than unleashing your inner creative through interior design, and when everything from light and modern-looking parquetry through to bold and richly hued parquetry can be explored—not to mention playing with chevron angles—the sky truly is the limit!


Harnessing Contemporary Parquetry


The art of preparing solid wood parquet blocks used to be a laborious one, leaving the result only within reach of the affluent. While precision construction and perfect finishes are still very much the order of the day, modern carpentry techniques and different wood flooring types mean that the perfect parquet floor is more accessible than ever.


If you find yourself now fantasising about oversized chevron parquet flooring, know that you can choose between solid hardwood block-constructed parquetry, and also exquisitely crafted engineered wide plank chevron pattern wood flooring. The latter provides the possibility for a large chevron design to be applied as a floating floor over all manner of surfaces, within a more moisture-variable space, or even over underfloor heating.


Whatever the interior, this unique and unusual hardwood flooring aesthetic can be yours. Are you ready to learn more? Contact the Unique Bespoke Wood team today, and we will help you explore the many exhilarating options!

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