Tips for a safe travel during pilgrimage

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The obligatory pilgrimage of Hajj and the sunnah pilgrimage of Umrah both remain the most awaited journeys for the believers of the Islamic faith. These two pilgrimages are undertaken by hundreds of thousands of Muslims every year traveling to Makkah through their luxury Umrah package 2022.

Considering the arrival of such a huge number of pilgrims in the city, at the same place and at the same time, safety becomes a priority. While the authorities in Saudia Arabia try their best to ensure that a safe and secure hajj and umrah pilgrimage experience can be guaranteed for the pilgrims, individual safety is equally important.

Here are some of the tips for a safe travel during pilgrimage.

Stay in touch.

Pilgrims, upon their arrival in Makkah and during the pilgrimage rites, are allowed to carry a mobile phone that has a local Saudi sim for communication purposes. On top of that, it’s very convenient and easy to buy a local SIM card, either from Makkah or Madinah.

Keeping a mobile phone with you can be of great assistance as it enables you to stay connected with your friends and family back home. Thus, proving to be a great tool in case of an emergency. Therefore, one must keep its family and friends updated on his/her whereabouts while on the hajj or umrah travel trip, even if they are accompanying along.

Carry Personal IDs.

Making your personal identification card would be of great help during the pilgrimage for obvious reasons. Just take out a paper/card and start by writing down the following details;
  1. Your full name as well as Father’s Name.
  2. Your passport number; national ID card number as well as Visa Information (whatever you consider necessary).
  3. An emergency contact list (consisting of the phone numbers of your friends and family).
  4. Details of the travel agency you’ve hired services of.
  5. Your hotel accommodation and return flight information.
  6. Your permanent hometown address.
  7. Diseases and/or allergies (if you have any) and the medication you’ve been prescribed for it by a registered medical practitioner.

Carrying these IDs will help you a lot in case of medical emergencies, or even if any sort of unforeseen incident comes your way during the pilgrimage.

Be vaccinated.

Being vaccinated remains among the requisites of obtaining a Hajj/Umrah visa i.e., showing the proof of vaccinations at the time of visa application submission to the authorities.

The vaccinations usually required are for diseases such as Meningitis, Polio, Yellow Fever, etc. However, the vaccination requirements depend on the region of your travel.

If a pilgrim does otherwise and arrives in the Kingdom without necessary vaccinations, he/she would be denied entry. Since the pilgrimage is undertaken by millions of people from across the globe, vaccinations remain necessary to ensure a healthy and safe gathering for everyone.

These are some of the basic safety tips for your pilgrimage.

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