Guide for D-LINK AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender DAP-1620 Setup, Reset, and Troubleshooting

on November 22 at 09:44 AM

Are you dealing with dead zones in your house? Well, you have just found the solution to the problem. Before we show you how to Set Up DAP-1620, let us first look into the features and benefits of this extender. This D'Link AC 1200 gives you the privilege to enjoy full coverage and a blazing internet speed like no other. It is also built with MU-MIMO technology and this allows the connectivity of multiple devices. Nevertheless, the best part of this feature is that these devices get to run on the same internet speed while you are using them for your personal reasons. Furthermore, after all the setup and network configuration is done, you can easily know what position to station your D'Link extender. And this is possible because it has the Smart Signal Indicator. So you do not have to trouble yourself about the perfect location because this feature indicates where the signal is the weakest around your home. Now, let’s see how we can quickly set up the Dlink DAP-1600.

How to Set Up DAP-1620 step by step

One amazing thing about setting up this device is that there are three different approaches to its setup. Which means that you can choose to set up your D'Link AC 1200 extender in any of those ways. But first, let’s see how it is done through the web based approach. 

How to setup D'Link AC 1200 through http://dlinkap local

Before you begin, kindly note down your login details and the correct web link.

  • First of all, plug in your Dlink extender into an active electric outlet and switch it on.
  • Also turn on your computer and make a wireless connection to the network of your extender. Go to the wifi settings of your computer. Enable your wifi and from the list of available networks, choose the one for your extender. Input the password and connect to it.
  • If you would prefer the wired connection, you will require the ethernet cord. All you have to do is to insert both of its ends into both devices in the right port. 
  • After the connection has been established, launch your browser and right in the URL field, type in the default web link- http://dlinkap.local. and press “Enter” on the keyboard. 
  • Supposing the web link isn't responding, you can also use the default IP address
  • That action will load the login page for you. Now, carefully type in your username and password. Note that if you have once changed your login details, you are to type in the new one. However if you haven’t, the default username remains “Admin” and the password field remains blank. 
  • And finally, you can follow the on screen prompt instructions to configure your network and to sync your D'Link ac 1200 extender with your main router. 


Simple troubleshooting tips for your d'link dap 1620

Facing technical errors while setting up is inevitable when it comes to the devices. So you can use these troubleshooting tips to help resolve them. 

  • Firsty, make sure that all your wired connections are firm and stable. If any wire is wrongly placed or it is shaky, you would be faced with connection issues. 
  • Another thing is making sure that your D'Link extender firmware is up to date. 
  • Furthermore, ensure you use the correct login details.
  • And finally, you can always reset your d'link dap 1620 to restore it back to factory default mode. You can do that by pressing down the reset button for exactly 10 seconds. Then wait for it to restart. 

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