The Impact of Machine Learning Services on Corporate Training

on November 12 at 01:24 PM

According to recent reports, around 48% of corporations use Machine Learning solutions for different business purposes. Some of these include real-time chatbots, consumer churn models, pricing software, and many others. But, one of the biggest uses of Machine Learning Services remains in eLearning and corporate training. In this blog, we will see the role of Machine Learning services on corporate training and hence will also study their impact on corporate L&D. 

What Role Does Machine Learning Play in Corporate Training?

Machine learning-based applications play an important role in corporate L&D. Let’s have a look at some of the major objectives they fulfill.

Identifying the Learning Gaps

In workplace training, it is crucial to ensure that every team member learns the skills at the same pace. Learning gaps can decrease the productivity of the workforce. Machine Learning services design specialized ML algorithms that can identify the learning gaps of the employees. Using these services, the corporates can identify the weak links in their training programs and offer appropriate remedies.     

Suggesting Appropriate Content

By using ML-based learning and training platforms, the companies can get appropriate content suggestions for their employees. These platforms analyze the learning behavior and suggest learning content that can fill their requirements. Also, these platforms can be used to send reminders for important topics and less-read topics.    

Analyzing the Performance

When it comes to analyzing employee performance, Machine Learning Services are the best tools companies can use! They can map the performance of the employees over a long time and then analyze their performance to identify the lows and highs using customized machine learning algorithms.    

Comparing Growth Rates

One of the major uses of ML in the business world today is growth rate comparison. It can be used to compare the growth rate of competitors. At the same time, it is used to compare the growth in the skillset of the workforce. It helps the companies to plan appropriate training sessions regularly.

How Machine Learning Services Impact Corporate L&D?

From the above discussion, we can see that the machine learning services induce greater efficiency in corporate training. Now, let’s take a look at some of their major impacts.

  • The use of machine learning services in corporate L&D helps companies to be aware of the shortcomings of their employees.
  • Using ML algorithms, the companies can identify employees who are fast learners and fast growers.
  • As the companies become aware of their employees' strong and weak points, they can allocate the most appropriate projects to their employees. It enhances the productivity of the workforce.

To Sum Up

Machine Learning, if used appropriately, can prove to be a major boost for corporate training. But, corporate companies should be careful while choosing the Machine Learning services providers. Reputed service providers like Acadecraft have specialist teams for offering corporate training-based services. They identify the exact needs of clients and provide appropriate solutions to fulfill them. 


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