SDR: what is and what does this professional do?

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You've probably heard the term SDR, but do you know what it is? 

This professional is gaining increasing importance in the sales process. 

Especially in B2B business models, which involve more complex sales and take longer to close. 

But does that mean, then, that SDR is a seller? Well, not exactly.

In this post, you will better understand what the role of an SDR is, how this professional's routine is and the skills he or she needs to have. 

In case you are thinking about becoming an SDR, at the end of the content we offer some reading tips to help you be prepared to fulfill this role.

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What is SDR?

The Sales Development Representative (or SDR) is an internal sales representative who focuses on qualifying leads , moving them through the funnel and setting up sales leads (the leads who are prepared to talk to a salesperson .

What does it take to be an SDR?

If you want to become an SDR, know that you will have a very dynamic routine and, generally, pre-established. 

After all, this professional is not just a person who passes on opportunities, he or she is the gateway for leads into your company. 

Therefore, the pre-salesperson must have some skills to be able to do well on a daily basis:

  • Empathy: SDR will deal with people all day and make understanding of different scenarios. Therefore, you have to put yourself in the lead's shoes to really develop the business
  • Be communicative: he will have to talk a lot – and his communication needs to be clear and objective
  • Quick reasoning: the buyer will ask something, he will have to answer and ask a question right away (who controls the call is the one who asks). In addition, the SDR must be prepared to bypass many objections.
  • Reading: the habit of reading must be present in several professions, but here it is essential. The SDR needs to understand the market, trends, launches and various techniques
  • Emotional intelligence: it is common to hear 'no' and some rudeness, so it is important to be prepared for this.


What is the SDR routine?

The routine is always super rush, but a few tips can make it all more organized.

  • Organize the agenda: helps not to delay the day's contacts and also to make new contacts with quality
  • Mark contacts at the right time: it's no use marking 5 contacts for 10am, for example. It ends up delaying, and even leaving some lead behind
  • Have a prior study of the potential customer's market
  • Passing all information to CRM– registration is essential.

Why has SDR been the most sought after in the market today?

All professionals in the commercial area are in great demand. The SDR, in the same way, has been much sought after to form the companies' inside sales team .

Your role has benefits for the commercial sector:

  • Improves salesperson performance: when your sales specialist stops prospecting and qualifying, he has more time to sell . Thus, conversion and productivity increase significantly.
  • Reduces churn :The chance of a customer canceling your service after going through an SDR and a closer in a well-structured sales process is much lower. That's because your journey becomes clearer and more aligned.
  • Turnover:SDR will be responsible for prospecting deals, so you have teams prospecting and selling all month.

Reading Tips

To be a good SDR, you need to have some basic knowledge. That's why I'm showing you some books that will help:

Achieving Sales Excellence – Spin Selling, Neil Rackham 

The SPIN Selling is one of the techniques essential for any SDR. It is a strategy that uses strategic questions classified into 4 categories to identify and validate key lead points: situation, problem, implication and need.

Predictable Recipe, Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler

In Predictable Revenue , Aaron Ross introduces the cold calling revolution: cold calling 2.0 – literally the $100 million technique . The book teaches how to put this strategy into practice, which is ideal to help find the decision maker more easily and have greater chances of getting in touch with him.

Presuasion, Robert Cialdini

In Pre-suasion , the author shows that persuasion techniques must come before persuasion itself. He teaches that there are several ways to prepare the ground for greater chances when convincing a customer. Indispensable reading for any SDR.

Weapons of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini

In Weapons of Persuasion , we are introduced to mental triggers – powerful techniques to be able to influence people to make decisions. Robert Cialdini presents statistics and examples of triggers such as authority, reciprocity, social proof, charisma or affinity, scarcity, commitment, and consistency.

The Sales Development Playbook, Trish Bertuzzi

In this playbook we have a complete overview of Sales Development: the sales development model with its market dynamics and buying journey, lead segmentation, how to engage and motivate customers, how to create buyer-based messages. In addition to teaching what it takes to lead Sales Development.

Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman 

This Daniel Goleman bestseller deals with the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience and brings incredible insights into our “two minds” – the rational and the emotional. Through examples, the author outlines the five fundamental skills of emotional intelligence and shows how they determine our success.

Essential Reading Tips for Any SDR


As we have seen, being an SDR is having a dynamic routine and having specific skills to be able to develop the function. 

It involves being always up to date on new trends, deals and opportunities. In addition to keeping the reading habit, trying to keep your knowledge always up to date.

If you want to be a pre-seller, you’re learning routine will involve courses , learning through podcasts, webinars , and more.

For you as a manager , remember: the SDR will be fundamental in your inside sales team and will make a total difference in your final result. Some companies still see you as a support or sales assistant, but, as we have seen, it is the gateway that will generate value in your product/service.

And for you who are SDR: in the beginning you will feel very butterflies in your stomach when you call and talk to so many people in one day. Sometimes, at first, your calls might not be that good, but that's normal. 

As long as you are familiar with the product/service you are offering and know everything you need to say , don't worry, you will be doing a great job!


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