Appointment Setting Making It Work For You

on October 15 at 07:00 PM

Most of the time, suppliers don't have the time or resources to research potential buyers and convince them to buy what they sell. That's what sales representatives are for. But the sales representative can't do everything either. They need help to make a sale. And that's where marketing companies come in.


The marketing and sales process starts with identifying and qualifying prospects based on the type of business and its needs, and entering their contact information into a sales call list. This process is called lead generation. But leads alone do not turn into sales. The job of appointment setters is to make sure that prospects meet with your company's sales representative so that he or she can convince them to buy your products or services and convert them from prospects to customers.


There is nothing easy about marketing, and this is especially true for business appointment setting. There are many potential problems along the way. But the best appointment setters solve these problems on the fly and continue to drive prospects to meet with their representatives. So how can a business specialize in appointment setting? Below are some tips, assuming the appointment setting phase is outsourced, that can help you find the right appointment setting specialists to market your products.


1) Look for an appointment setting company that has a proven track record in your type of business. Telemarketing companies that are experts in every type of business are rare, and even their services may not be cheap. Instead of looking for these types of telemarketing companies, why not look for telemarketing companies that have a high success rate in setting appointments for potential clients who need your type of service? It makes more sense because many specialists are experts in their own field.


  1. Hire or outsource an appointment setting company that also handles all phases of the marketing and sales process, except for direct sales. These types of marketing companies are very adept at identifying the pitfalls and difficulties their appointment setters will encounter, from bad leads to potential objections from prospects. So they train their agents to handle these issues and do their best to get their clients appointments with prospects who will actually buy something.


  1. Before you hire or outsource your appointment agents, make sure you listen to them first. In other words, give them an oral test and hammer them on the objections that can be encountered with prospects. If they pass the test, hire them. It's also helpful to visit the company's premises and personally see and hear from its agents, especially if you want to outsource long-term. The best companies have nothing to hide. In fact, the best ones take pride in their agents and show them off to potential clients.


Of course, not everyone can afford the best. But if your company needs to make a sale, isn't it wiser to look for a company that can actually get a potential client to meet their representative, even if their services are a little more expensive than others?

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