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on September 20 at 07:08 PM
Over the years, modern society has become filled with many different devices that supports the internet. Almost everybody owns a smart device with which they can access the internet and at the moment, there are over 3.5 billion internet users. 
Moreover, number of internet users is expected to increase in near future because of introduction of even more devices that have access to the internet such as Laptops, Tablets and other gadgets with IOT sensors. Thus, it is certain that each of our lives is directly connected to the internet.
Nevertheless, arrival of these devices which have direct link to the internet, makes every user vulnerable and exposed to unnecessary risk. This obvious vulnerability comes from the fact that cyber hackers can utilize the internet to steal confidential information and even, implant various virus to ruin users devices.
Also, there are many resources on the internet that tracks users activity. Most of these resources tend to collect users data without their prior knowledge and consent. All these pressing problems of the internet has motivated a team of bright minds from Zero Avocado Ltd, to create a solution that offers better experience in privacy and security.
Zero Avocado Ltd, is developed to provide the world with a stable and secure operating ecosystem which is core focused on decentralization, users security and greater privacy.
Across the privacy ecosystem, Avoozer smartphone is a forerunner product developed by the company. The smart phone acts a medium for people to access the privacy ecosystem that is filled with encrypted services and solutions.
The Avoozer smart phone is portable and convenient. The smart phone and additional custom apps works to maintain privacy, anonymity and security of users by filtering malicious contents, virus data and spam advertisements that poorly affects daily activities of users.
Through Avoozer, users can get exclusive access to a dedicated VPN ecosystem called AvoVPN. This allows people to establish connections with services in a private ecosystem and external networks outside the VPN. 
Another impressive product from the privacy ecosystem is the Lemozer Social. This is a social app that works as as decentralized social network which connects 25 million users across the world. Furthermore, the privacy ecosystem is built in such a way that it provides room for future development like secure and privacy core focused cloud storage, cryptocurrency DEX, encrypted mail and many more. 
The privacy ecosystem is driven by Zercados token. This cryptocurrency is launched by Zero Avocado Ltd and comes with good utility that works to maintain privacy, security and decentralization across the privacy ecosystem. 
Zercados token can be used as payment option for products and services offered by Zero Avocado Ltd. Also, it act as incentive system for developers and marketers who contribute positively towards the privacy ecosystem. There will be a yearly buyback of Zercados token on open market through 40% of Zero Avocado Ltd pre tax profits. This guarantees continuous active market for Zercados token as well promotes even more developments of apps and systems that supports the privacy ecosystem. 
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