Specialities of varkala beach and cliff

on August 30 at 06:09 AM

As you all know, Varkala is famous for its cleanest beach trademark. It is one of the coolest and cleanest beaches in India. This beach is epicenter of tourist attractions. Many of the tourists fly down to this place to enjoy the vast beauty of the beach and the cliff. here we are discussing some of the most interesting factors of Varkala than any other beach in India.

 1. Cliff 

Varkala beach is the only beach in southern part of India which has cliff in adjacent to the beach. These cliffs are formed by years of sedimentation and it is also known as Varkala formation. These cliffs are considered as one of the geological monuments in India by the geological survey of India. The cliff is 24m tall and 23 million years old. 

2. Cliff View 

Varkala cliff gives you a wide view of the entire Varkala beach and enjoy the strong breeze that will refresh your mind and at its max. the visibility is even beyond any other beaches in southern India. And also, the cliff is filled with a helipad and also greenery. This cliff paves way to all the main attractions of Varkala.

 3. Papanasham Beach

 Papanasham beach is part of the Varkala beach. It is considered as one of the sacred beaches in Varkala, where the Hindu rituals for after life is conducted. This ritual also known as “Belitharpanam”. After the rituals the remaining will be taken to the sea. It is situated near the northern part of the Varkala near to the temple. 

4. Janardana Swami Temple 

Janardana Swami Temple is the most historic temple near Varkala beach. This is an ancient temple which holds the history of million years. This is a temple of lord Vishnu at at his true form embodied in a sculpture.

 5. Paragliding 

The cliff paves the way to make you fly. Due to the presence of the cliff, the Varkala becomes the best place for paragliding. The wind assist on the top of the cliff helps you to take off more efficiently. Expertise people will assist you with all safety measures.

 6. Resorts and Homestays 

Varkala being the tourist destination, there are lots of home stays and resorts in Varkala. Most of the resorts are eco friendly resorts. One of the top eco friendly resort in Varkala is Eco- Puccini Lala. This resort is full made of nature- friendly products and also other premium huts are available in this property. Like these there lots of properties available in Varkala which are close to nature.

 7. Multi Cuisine 

There are huge varieties of traditional Kerala and north Indian cuisines available in Varkala. This is one of the coolest attractions in Varkala. You can taste all the spices of Kerala in one single place.

 8. Ayurveda Treatments 

Varkala is famous for its Ayurveda treatment. This will rejuvenate your soul and body. The both Keralites and tourists are coming for taking Ayurveda treatment in Varkala such as shirodhara, njavara kizhi etc.

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