The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Austin

on August 26 at 05:51 PM

Although Texas might be famous for its cattle-ranches, insiders know that some of the greatest food in Austin is vegetarian. Vegetarians have their choice of restaurant types in Austin. Relax at a four star vegan bistro, or grab a quick bite in a vegetarian cafe. Your choices are nearly limitless.


For a quick vegan lunch, Austin residents love Leaf, a restaurant specializing in gourmet salads. However some of Leaf's offerings do contain meat, they give plenty of vegetarian options including the Margherita on the Works, which contains fresh greens, mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and pine nuts served with a honey-tangerine dressing. If you intend to dine at Leaf frequently, join the Loyal Leafers club. After you purchase five salads, you'll receive a free of charge special treat. Leaf is just open for lunch, but Austin has plenty of vegetarian restaurants which are open for dinner.


For breakfast, a treat, or perhaps a walk, Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse & Café is a calm all-vegetarian restaurant. All the items on the menu will also be Vegan Producten. Locals love the quirky, arty ambiance, and this restaurant is a favorite destination for anyone on a first date. This coffeehouse encourages lingering, and you may find many different books and games to amuse yourself with when you dine. Although this can be a coffee house, they have plenty of filling meal options available. The Soul Food Plate and Cosmic Sloppy Joes are perennial favorites.


If you are in the mood for an ethnic dining experience, have a look at Swad Indian Vegetarian Restaurant ?.Diners rave concerning the taste and quality of the food. Additionally, Aster's Ethiopian offers many vegan Gent and vegetarian meals, and the Ethiopian cuisine could be a nice change of pace.


For vegans, Austin has restaurants that will focus on your dietary requirements. Vegan diners should have a look at Bodhi Eco Café, which provides mostly vegan entrees. The chef takes flavor very seriously, and uses mostly local ingredients in order to produce the most delicious meals possible. Bodhi Eco Café can be great for the budget conscious diner, since many of their offerings are under ten dollars. Casa de Luz is another vegan restaurant Gent, with a focus on holistic macrobiotic dining. Every one of the food served in Casa de Luz is organic and locally grown. Folks who only eat raw foods should stop into DaVine Foods, which provides a wide variety of raw dishes. Additionally they offer many gluten-free entrees.


If you are staying close to the University of Texas, the closest vegetarian restaurant is Veggie Heaven, which serves Chinese food. Additionally they offer brown rice, which is really a rarity even generally in most vegetarian restaurants. Delivery and remove can be found, causeing the the right vegetarian option once you feel just like staying at home and being a sofa potato.


Vegetarians in Austin have more than enough restaurant options. There's so much variety available that even the most refined palate will never get bored. Even although you are a die-hard meat lover, take a chance and try one of Austin's exceptional vegetarian restaurants. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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