Jax.Network : Bringing About Stable And Scalable Cryptocurrency That is Fit For Regular Use And Global Adoption

on August 24 at 07:10 PM
Blockchain has gained recognition as a remarkable innovation which offers peculiar features like decentralization, immutability and transparency to easily disrupt landscape of traditional financial systems and other working sectors.
This technology is potentially more secure, reliable and efficient than centralized frameworks utilized in many commercial and trade industries. In fact, leverage of decentralized technology introduces a robust record of transactions which is incorruptible, hence allows social and financial sectors to evaluate any transaction process and mitigate actions of fraud.
Now, many startups and corporations are using blockchain technology to boost their business activities, even cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin which is popularly used to perform borderless payments is created on blockchain.
All these contributes to continuous adoption of blockchain technology for multipurpose use. Regardless of blockchain and cryptocurrency fame, they are two problems affecting their position to become leading payment systems which includes lack of stability of blockchain trademark tokens and decrease in transaction throughput which the system can give.
Solutions to the aforementioned limitations has in arrived through Jax.Network.
Jax.Network is created to offer a blockchain protocol that is scalable, decentralized and fully secure. The blockchain will be anchored to Bitcoin blockchain which guarantees stability and scalability across Jax.Network ecosystem.
Furthermore, users of Bitcoin and even, miners will be pleased with Jax.Network because of their blockchain features, such as ;
-Merge-Mining : This is employed across Jax.Network ecosystem as a good solution to preserve security on shard chains. Although, it is highly criticized because it introduces centralization, Jax.Network will develop a merkle tree to improve efficiency of encoding data structure in the blockchain as well reclaims hash from previous block headers. Hence, allows small nodes to verify transactions.
-Proof Of Work : Proof Of Work consensus protocol is integrated to properly secure the network and bring about greater scalability. Also, it is widely known that single chain blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum are pestered with scalability issues resulting in dwindled throughput which leads to costly transaction fees and slow mass adoption. 
Jax.Network works differently because they adopt a unique sharding approach that leverages hundreds of independent chains to operate in parallel based on Proof Of Work consensus. This makes Jax.Network trustless and maintains decentralization despite intense throughput.
-Cross Shard Exchange Protocol : Jax.Network will support SPV-client known as Flyclient to offer users a capable instrument to verify each transactions without download of shardchain history.
Moreover, the ecosystem allows users with appropriate gears and bountiful Jax.Network native currency to become exchange agents that accept fees and can perform cross exchange for other users.
JAXNET coin and JAX coin are native currencies of Jax.Network blockchain. Both these currencies will help Jax.Network achieve it's aim of providing people with a decentralized currency that is stable in value for everyday use and mass adoption.
Firstly, JAXNET coins is mined on beaconchain of Jax.Network blockchain and can be utilized as gas fee for exchange agent listing transactions, payments for security of Jax.Network by rewarding Bitcoin miners to merge-mine Jax.Network and many more. While, JAX coin is mined on shardchains of Jax.Network blockchain. It can be used for daily transactions and incorporated for global adoption due to the network's greater scalability.
Noteworthy, miners can rely on Jax.Network to receive stable revenue while people can expect cheap network fees, swift payments, privacy and lack of intermediaries when transacting with JAX coins.
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