Writing Your Own Personal Statement Master

on August 18 at 01:19 PM

Writing Your Own Personal Statement Master

If you are creating your first personal statement, then it is imperative that you take the time to make an appropriate personal statement master document. A personal statement is essentially a personal interpretation of who you are as a person and what you are looking for in a future relationship. This sort of personal statement can be anything from your childhood to your current life. It can even be about your entire life experience. No matter the type of personal statement you are writing, having a master document to refer back to when the time is right will make life much easier for you when you are writing your personal statement and also during the editing process for the essay or paper you are working on.


Your personal statement master is going to consist of a handful of sentences that sum up everything you want to say about yourself. These sentences will tell the story of who you are as a person, what you are looking for in a future relationship and also what you are looking for in career prospects. Most writing assignments ask you to include personal statements but not all require one. For this reason, it is very important that you create your own master document in which you can refer back to when you have questions.


The first time you write a personal statement it can be tempting to just type it out by yourself but creating a personal statement master document will help relieve some of the pressure because you can reference it during the writing process. You might be afraid to include certain details because you feel it may sound too personal and not fit with the other students in your writing class or because you are worried that the reader will think you are dishonest. Creating your own personal statement also allows you to express your personality a bit more than if you were just writing a regular letter. Personal statements are usually more memorable than writing letters.

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