8 Ways to Show Love to Your Pet

on August 09 at 09:04 AM

Pets are the cutest creatures in the world, they are the tiny little living beings who make your life better in so many ways. No offence to kids, but pets don’t ask as much as a kid would demand. After all they don’t bawl at 3 am for no particular reason.

If you own a pet then you must realize that as much as those voiceless creatures love you unconditionally they do have some needs which we don’t realize. From feeding them well to taking them to the vet regularly there are various ways in which you can show care to your little buddy. This article will cover 8 smart ways to show your pet the love they deserve without having to go extra miles because sometimes little things mean the most.


Would you settle for an ordinary food? Well sometimes we do spend days on cheese on crackers but pets aren’t like that. They don’t understand inflation nor will their tiny stomach adapt to the leftovers from the night. Pets have only one requirement at the top of their mind and that is food. To make sure your pet remains free from worries and health issues, you need to be very smart about their food choices. And this is even more important since there are many dupes that promise to deliver health and nutritional value but are plain garbage.

While selecting the right food for your pet, opt for brands with a strong name, a brand that is reputed in selling pet food likely has years of research behind to support it. Sure, it gets expensive but with deals like chewy promo codes from brands that sell pet food from all high quality sellers, you can afford anything your tiny friend loves.

Talk to Them

Talking to your pet does not mean you have to take the language classes and learn the doggy language, only if you could, talking to them means acknowledging them. After all they are the ones who won’t judge you on your stupid decisions throughout the day and who doesn’t need someone just to listen when we aren’t in a mood of bunch of popping advices?

Make sure you listen to your pets wholeheartedly and speak to them as you would speak to a friend. Tell them about your day, your like’s dislikes, things you love about them, don’t be too rigid to show emotions. Not only this will make you feel better but you will also feel a sense of attachment to them and we assure you they will feel the same too.


While you are active about yoga and weekly Zumba don’t ignore your pet needs the release of stress too. Who knows what the ongoing troubles in the dog world are. Exercise is an important part of making your pet feel happy. Physical activity such as walking, running, playing fetch or tug, and practicing agility or fly ball are all excellent methods to keep your dog in shape. Try interactive play with wand toys or balls for cats. Some cats may be trained to love going for walks in the park. Many of these activities also help people by providing exercise. Always with your veterinarian before beginning a new fitness programme for your pet.

Lots of Hugs

We know you love it too. There is no simpler and better way to show love than to hug your little buddy. Hug your pets to show them you care for them and missed them during the day. You could call it cuddling too but don’t go on hugging them too tight and squishing all the tiny organs within the tiny body.

Holding Eye Contact

This may seem weird but this works. Holding eye contact with your pet is a way to show love and acknowledging their presence. And there is nothing your pet would love more than being recognized especially if it’s a cat, you know how arrogant they are.

 Long-term eye contact is only intended for those you love and trust. Maintaining eye contact with your dog isn't simply a valuable technique for training–it may also help you form a strong relationship. In reality, your dog's brain releases oxytocin when it looks at you. Oxytocin, sometimes known as the "love hormone," is the same hormone released by mothers' brains when they first bond with their newborns.

Teaching them New Tricks

Taking out time to invest in your dog is one of the most profound ways to show love. It shows your interest and dedication towards not only keeping a pet but also growing with it. It is also true that learning new things energizes dogs. Allowing your dog to become complacent by just performing the same old skills is a bad idea. Spending significant time training your dog new skills and activities will be rewarding for both you and your dog.

Ear Rub

Thank us later for this genuine trick to make your pet fall in love with you instantly. Ear rub is the safest way to make your pet feel valued and loved. Since the spot right behind the ears in enriched with nerve endings, your dog will feel a sense of peace and love when you gently stroke the area behind the ears.

It stimulates impulses across the entire body when lightly scratched, producing endorphin chemicals. These hormones are pain relievers. As a result, a soft scratch will ease your dog's stress.

Your Dog Voice

You might be ashamed of your dog voice but your dog loves it. Dogs understand human language better than previously thought, according to studies. So having a one-way discussion with your dog isn't as weird as it may appear.

The news gets even better: that high-pitched tone you use to communicate with your dog has been discovered, it’s a hit with the dogs. Reading to dogs has also been found to calm nervous and high-energy dogs in shelters, as well as to help shy canines come out of their shells.

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