Preschool Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

on August 04 at 01:42 PM

November Activity Ideas for Turkeys, Pilgrims and Indians

Understanding the importance of Thanksgiving and what the month of November is all about is entertaining and interactive with ideas for reading, math, science and more! I will rewrite my essay in detail, keep reading.
Teaching young children the meaning of Thanksgiving and importance of being thankful for people and non-material things in their life is fun and explorative in this lesson plan.

Suggested Thanksgiving Books

On the Mayflower by Kate Waters [Scholastic, 1999]

My First Thanksgiving by Tomie dePaola [Tien Wah Press, 1992]

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland and Sonja Lamut [Grosset and Dunlap, 2000]

Thanksgiving Music

Almost any popular children’s song can be rewritten into something that fits the Thanksgiving theme. A popular song that fits great with Thanksgiving is "Ten Little Indians", which can be reworded for turkeys and pilgrims too!

Have the children decorate a Native American, pilgrim or turkey cut-out and glue it to a popsicle stick. Let them dance their “Native Americans” to the song, as it’s being sung. You can even go as far as assigning numbers to a pair of children.

Thanksgiving Reading Center

Providing Thanksgiving related books in the reading center is a must, but you can go beyond that and offer a CD or tape of sounds: Ocean sounds to correspond with the days you talk about the Pilgrim’s journey on the Mayflower.

For a felt board activity, collect various Thanksgiving themed clip art, laminate and velcro, and place at the felt board. The children can reenact the story of Thanksgiving or you can use the pieces as you read along one of the suggested books. You can start an online paper to write on your website.

Thanksgiving Art Center

Teaching your preschoolers about giving thanks is reinforced in this art project. Use this craft before or after reading Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks. You’ll need paper plates, crayons, a feather pattern, and fall colored construction paper. Trace each child’s hand on a paper plate and have the child decorate the entire palm as the turkey’s face. Cutting out feathers from the pattern in different colors let the children glue them onto each finger. Then, sit with each child and ask him or her for five things that they are thankful for that isn’t a material item.

When you’re finished, write on the belly of each turkey “I am thankful for . . .”

Go here for more Thanksgiving Craft Ideas.

Thanksgiving Science Center

After reading My First Thanksgiving, have the children help to make a special Thanksgiving themed snack. Have a large can of pumpkin and large box of vanilla instant pudding ready to put in two separate bowls. Provide small bowls for each child and let them scoop equal amounts of each in their bowl and mix together for a special pumpkin pudding treat. Let them top with cinnamon if preferred!

The sensory table is a great way for preschoolers to explore with their tactile senses. Dried Indian corn kernels or regular corn kernels are great sensory objects along with plastic fruits and vegetables. A sink/float table is a companion to the On the Mayflower story. Provide several objects that sink or float like corncobs, apples, seeds, sticks, beads, feathers, gourds, etc.

Thanksgiving Math Center

Focus on shapes one day with Native American teepee’s. Design or find a pattern of a teepee and provide triangle cutouts for the children to glue over the pattern. Let them decorate with circle buttons and rectangle pieces of cloth or construction paper. They can add colorful yarn at the top for the sapling poles.

This Math File Folder Game can be transformed into the Thanksgiving theme by using turkeys, feathers or pilgrim hats.

Thanksgiving Game Center

By adapting this Magnet Fishing Game to correspond with your theme, encourage your preschoolers to put cutouts in numerical order. You can also use this game for the Home Center by using food cutouts that resemble a Thanksgiving meal, encouraging the children to “set the table” by fishing out the food and placing them on the table.

Play a game that also works with math and science skills, measuring how tall each child is by using a corncob, feather or other thematic item. Go even further by creating a “How Many Corncobs Tall Am I” chart to put in the Math or Science Center.
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Remember, these ideas can be put forth with any center. Most of all, enjoy teaching about this special time with your preschoolers. Thanksgiving is a tradition that will be with them for the rest of their life!