MobilityGuru and How It Works

on July 24 at 06:52 AM

The MobilityGuru platform as a whole features the involvement of both the Buyers as well as the Sellers.

When it comes to the sellers, they can have a revenue source. To do this, they will have access to customisation options such as homepage banner ad, top category fixed ad, home page gallery ad, urgent banner ad and bump up existing ad. When it comes to the second revenue source, it will be done through travel booking, accommodating hotel booking and a product action success fee. The simple task of finding hotel accommodation is a nightmare for people with a disability, we need to search and then call the hotel and then request a booking, often using an enormous amount searching, but on our platform will stream line all of this making it simply search, book and click pay; enjoy. This is a massive hassle but the MobilityGuru platform will make it easy.

To give you a bit more of a perspective, the sellers can post their products as well as services at no cost on the country-specific MobilityGuru site for up to 20 items and for each additional add a small change is levied.

Sellers will have the opportunity to advertise their products as well as services on the platform as well and some of the listings on the MobilityGuru platform will also be incentivised as sellers will receive a certain agreed amount for each and every sale and this is especially the case where the planned auction facility is to be used.

MobilityGuru will also use bespoke technology in order to ensure that their products are visible as well as attractive to all interested buyers. Sellers will have their products advertised to a much larger number of buyers, locally as well as across the globe; can view them. In its core function, it will be a lot like other online advertising platforms, however, through the integration of high-level features such as blockchain technology  flexible payment methods plus the availability of an extensive product as well as services range in various languages, alongside text-to-speech options it will be a lot more appealing to its target audience.

Let’s get a bit more in-depth into it. You see, since MobilityGuru is an international platform it is obviously expected to have a huge number of users, and there will be the ability to translate to different languages, this solves the problem of language barrier, that could potentially occur if it was not translated. Buyers as well as sellers, can interact with each other without any communication barriers.

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