HEPA FINANCE : Guaranteed Highest APR on Binance Smart Chain

on July 02 at 06:32 PM
Blockchain technology refers to the trustless, transparent, publicly accessible ledger that allows people to transfer ownership of units of value through utilization of public key encryption and proof of work methods.
The technology employs decentralized consensus to maintain the network, hence implies that it is not centrally controlled or managed by a bank, corporation or government. In fact, when the network grows and becomes increasingly decentralized then it is more secure.
Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Network stand as the first successful implementation of blockchain technology, however potential for blockchain goes beyond Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Now, blockchain has gained huge attention in various industries like financial services, charities and non profits, e-commerce and so on. Over the years, blockchain became a forefront of one of the biggest innovation on the internet known as DeFi.
DeFi called Decentralized Finance comprises of financial applications that operates appropriately through a decentralized blockchain. Noticeably, it is quite tasky to carry out different financial activities like taking loans without negotiating with centralized intermediaries such as banks.
Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not work with that usecase, Decentralized Finance focuses on removing the middle man and allow people to engage in variety of financial actions like staking, yield farming, borrowing and lending etc.
Decentralized Finance been built on blockchain also carries many of blockchain technology characteristics which includes;
- Transparency : DeFi data is made public enabling easier tracking of reserves, loan rates and transactions.
- Autonomy : Since there is no existence of centralized authority, assets and money belongs to their owners only in the DeFi ecosystem.
- Accessibility : Unfortunately, there are numerous unbanked persons who are at disadvantage to chase various financial opportunities because centralized institutions don't own appropriate incentive to help such people. However, DeFi operates without costly intermediaries, as such they can reach those people easily.
Most notably, DeFi has gained popularity and looks poised to continue it's momentum overtime. Several institutions and startups like Hepa Finance are adopting the DeFi concept to enable people participate in the decentralized finance ecosystem and receive better benefits.
Hepa Finance developers intend to implement a fully decentralized platform that operates with a governance system as well offers various new robust concepts that remain relevant in the digital economy, capable of processing complex financial activities similar to traditional financial markets. 
Hepa Finance platform comes with a rich reward system for users channeled through multiple revenue streams with increased multiplier yield farming unlike competitors. Also, availability of a pool feature will allow users to earn from robust APY multipliers wherein demanded fees is charged in native currency called HEPA token. 
Furthermore, Hepa Finance is developed on Binance Smart Chain which indicates that transactions is fast, secure and efficient. Swap feature is available in Hepa Finance ecosystem, thus users can swiftly swap cryptocurrencies and expect transaction fees to be cheap. 
HEPA token serve as the native cryptocurrency of the Hepa Finance ecosystem, wherein holders can obtain bountiful rewards and utilize the token for voting in crucial developments. Thus, more improvement to Hepa Finance platform and continuous support from the community will promote HEPA token adoption and price growth overtime. 
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