Amazing Facts to Know About Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Most people love flowers and many are growing inside their house. Some always add special flower arrangements to their special occasion because the presence of fresh and fragranced flowers always brings joy and happiness to the moment. Orchids are one of the most loved flowers that carry exotic beauty and can easily attract anyone with their presence.

Many of you probably are not familiar with some of the amazing facts about Phalaenopsis orchid. Many of us may have orchids in our home or at the office but there are many things that we don’t know about. In this blog, we will see the amazing facts to Know about Phalaenopsis orchid.

Amazing Facts to Know About Phalaenopsis Orchid

1) They Are Easy To Care

People who take a step back from keeping indoor flower plants in Dubai because flower plants need timely care but in the case of Phalaenopsis orchids, they are easy to care for and don’t need much attention as compared to others. If they are happy in their environment, there are chances that they may bloom multiple times throughout the year.

Watering is all depends on the environment in which Phalaenopsis are growing. Depending on the humidity, temperature, and light, watering them once a week is enough. If this doesn’t work, then you can check the bark and if it is dry, then this is the time to water them.

2) Nickname of Phalaenopsis Orchids is Moth Orchids

Some of you may hear of the nickname Phalaenopsis orchids as moth orchids. This is because of the appearance of the blooms which exactly look like a beautiful moth is ready to take a flight. But the real meaning after this nickname is something else. “Phal” from Phalaenopsis is a Latin word that means “moth”.

3) Fragrance of Phalaenopsis Goes on Peak at Sunrise

People who have Phalaenopsis at their home have definitely noticed the fragrance of orchids more in the morning. This isn’t a coincidence because there is a reason behind that sweet fragrance of orchids in the morning. Orchid’s fragrance increases at the time of sunrise, it’s in their nature.

4) They Grow in Trees Naturally

People who love to keep plants at their place know how Phalaenopsis looks in the pots but they naturally grow in trees. They use their host tree as their grounding place but don’t extract nutrients from it because they curl around the trunks and branches with their aerial roots. This is the only and very different way they survive and grow naturally in the trees.

5) They Can Easily Get Sunburned

If you keep indoor plants & flowers and especially orchids in your house, you may know about the fact that they don’t like to get in direct sunlight. If you don’t know about it, doing this can result in causing your Phalaenopsis orchids sunburn. It may make their leaves yellow or they might develop brown or white splotches. To save your plant from this situation, move orchids to a place where there is some shade and keep it hydrated, or else the situation can go worse. So keep this thing in mind if you are an owner of the Phalaenopsis orchid plant.

6) They Can Take up to a Year to be a Flower

If you are an owner of an orchid plant, you better know the desperation of seeing flowers from the plant because sometimes it takes up to one year to be a flower. Phalaenopsis take a good time to turn into flowers. Most people purchase Phalaenopsis orchids when it is ready to be blooming or having buds. This way you don’t have to wait for so long to see orchids growing in your house.

7) Long Lasting Flowers

Depending upon the type of orchid plant, flowering time can last from one week to 21 weeks. Phalaenopsis Orchids can easily last for 8 to 16 weeks. Phalaenopsis orchids can bloom twice a year. If all things go right, you can see flowers for a longer period.

8) Lifespan of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Talking about the lifespan of Phalaenopsis orchids, you will be amazed to know that they can live up to 100 years. Most people don’t know that after losing the flowers, it is not the time to discard them. If you will feed orchids with proper nutrients, environment, and other essential things, your plant will live for many decades and may bloom every year once or twice.

9) Varieties of Orchids

As we all know about the color and type of orchids, many people may have seen different types of orchids but did you know, there are around 28000 species are currently available on our Earth. Some of them are moth orchids, boat orchids, vanda orchids, slipper orchids, venus orchids, vanilla orchids, Marsh orchids and many more.

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most popular and loved flowers and they come in many different types. There are some most popular types that people love to keep includes Doritaenopsis, Aphrodite, Sanderiana, Bellina, Deliciosa, and many more.

10) No Toxic Plants

Many people don’t keep these flower plants in their house because they thought about the toxicity that may harm their children or pets in the house. But that’s not the truth, Phalaenopsis orchids are toxic free plants, so no harm to your children and pets present in your house. So, it is safe to keep orchids flower plants at your place to make your house look beautiful.

There are some other orchid species that are researched and found toxic to living beings and there are many other types that are not been researched, so they may harm. It is best for you to purchase the one that is researched non-toxic to humans and animals like Phalaenopsis orchids.


How can you buy Phalaenopsis orchids?

If you are an indoor flower plant lover then Phalaenopsis orchids should be in your collection, it will increase the beauty of your house and your flowers garden. After reading this, if you want to purchase the Phalaenopsis orchids, you can buy them from the best online florist in Dubai.

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