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Some words that we can use in persuasive writing

There are some powerful words that we can use in order to persuade your reader to take your arguments seriously. Let us discuss some of these: 

  1.       The word “You”

It is the nature of humans to be focused on themselves. They think about how an idea or a notion is going to affect themselves. Yes, it's a good idea to speak or write about yourself and your experiences as a way to create a bond with your audience. But before you do that, you need to engage their attention, and the best way is to let them know right from the beginning how what you have to say will benefit them. That makes "Perfect Essay Writing" the single most convincing word you can use when writing or speaking.

  1.       Words, phrases and expressions of urgency

We live in a world in which the expression “Time is Money” is often used everywhere. This is since all of us are locked in a race where people are fighting for the attention of others that matter to them. Therefore, some writers use a collection of words to convey urgency and the need for immediate action. These words are:

  •         Now
  •         Need
  •         Must not
  •         Do not miss
  •         Latest
  •         Today

There are many others, but these words are used the most.

  1.       Words used to establish a connection between people

With the pandemic of COVID-19 and the availability of social media, more people are feeling lonely at their home. Their opportunities to socialize are now limited to the use of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media platforms. The trend towards working-at-home have also made these problems a lot worse. This makes the need to establish connection amongst people more important than ever. If we use the following words in our persuasive speech, it is surely to make sure that the connection between the people is established.

  •         Join
  •         Help
  •         Discover
  •         Create
  •         Come along


  1.       Persuasive words that help you to gain trust

Most of the people fit into this category as many of the words that we write or speak have a certain “cause and effect” relationship. These are the phrases that make you appear rational in your arguments. If we use the following list of words and phrases, we can show the reader that we as a writer are both trustworthy and objective

  •         As a result
  •         Consequently
  •         Caused by
  •         For this reason
  •         Results
  •         Tested
  •         Research
  •         Proven
  •         Secure


But as a writer, we must remember that these words are not without the element of risk. If we use these words and not deliver the required results then we can also lose our audience.


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