Eleady Water Sports Clothing

on June 18 at 03:24 AM

As we all know, everyone has dreamed of going on trips to the sea with the people they love, Seaside is always on the list of each person's destinations. Some people like to go to the sea during the autumn and winter season for refreshment and comfort. Seaside places also became a fashion trend as they promote health benefits and positive psychological effects like calming down and having peace of mind at the same time.

Your holiday will be exciting if you have prepared clothes that will kill your stay on your beach trip. Beachwear and apparel dominate the fashion trend this season. It is becoming a trend for people who like beaches and the sea.

This swimsuit leggings adds high waist design, giving you a slim and comfortable look. Waistband pocket for stashing your keys, phones, cards and so on.

Women's wetsuit pants adopt superneoprene material, its function is waterproof and stays warm and remains elastic. Our water sports pants have a breathable fabric in the crotch, so you feel comfortable.



Premium lightweight neoprene in this neoprene wetsuit tights reduces water supply, increases the heat in the water and reduces weight. Shaped design reduces drafts in water and gives you free movement without restrictions.

The diving trousers provide UV protection and protection against sea lice, jelly and other biological irritants and reduce damage from sunlight. Idea for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, diving, training, tee pants for women can be used to train, speed up to squeeze out the toxin and build a sexy figure.

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