5 Ways to Give Sadaqah Apart from Money

on June 02 at 07:16 AM

In Islam, the word Sadaqah means voluntary charity. It is considered as proof of virtuous deeds and faith in a person.

Normally the world charity involves money. Islam goes a little deeper than just charity, it purifies your soul and grants your inner peace. There are many things that you can do if you don't have the money to do Sadaqah. Most people think that sadaqah is all about money. In Islam, you can do sadaqah by just helping a person with financial or physical help.

This post covers a detailed guide on how you can give sadaqah if you don't have the money. Or if you want some extra suwaab by helping other people.

Sadaqah with your Limbs

Maybe you don't have the money to give sadaqah but you can give your time and energy to helping other people. For example, you can ask your neighbor something in the hour of need. You can also volunteer in a different organization that helps needy people.

"A man's helping his brother is sadaqah. A drink of water which he gives is sadaqah. Removing something harmful from the road is sadaqah." (Ibn Abbas, Al Adab Al-Mufrad)

Sadaqah isn't always about the money; it is your act of kindness. 

Sadaqah with Your Manners

You can do sadaqah every day for the rest of your life by having a good and mannerable relationship with your partner or surrounding people.

"Every act of goodness is sadaqah." (Messenger of Allah - Peace Be Upon Him)

If we keep good behavior with other people, it will benefit our souls. The next person will learn from your manner and will do good deeds to the third person. This makes a chain of good deeds that you've started. Allah will surely reward you with this. Good treatment of other people doesn't cost a lot of fortune. It is something that is highly rewarding in both this world and the life after.

Sadaqah with your Knowledge

Knowledge is the best way to give sadaqah. Share your knowledge with someone you demand it. Most often people shy and don't ask for help. If you think the person in need of your help, go towards them and ask. Teaching someone doesn't cost a lot of money. Allah the most merciful will also reward you if you direct a person towards their destination.

Sadaqah with your Time

Time is the most resourceful thing in the world. The classical example of doing sadaqah is by giving your time. Use your time to benefit other people when they are in need. A little time of just 5 minutes will give you inner peace. Maybe your friend is going abroad and wants you to take care of their apartment until they arrive. The time you spent at their place will surely reward you on judgment day.

Sadaqah with Dhikr

There is a sadaqah in everything you do as your daily routine. Going to the Masjid for prayer is sadaqah, helping a poor man climb the stair is sadaqah, performing prayer is sadaqah, opening the door for someone is sadaqah.

"In every declaration fo the glorification of Allah there is a sadaqah." (Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him)

There are possibly thousands of examples we can mention here. Each has its own purpose and clarity. In real life, opening a door for someone may not look like a big deal. But with sincere intention, you can reward yourself with the highest level of charity in Islam. When we look at our daily routines, we see that there are many things that need justification. So if you can't afford money to give, just do little deeds. It will reward you surely.

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