CryptoBlades Announces Partnership with ChainLink to Provide VRF on Binance Smart Chain

on May 31 at 06:22 AM

CryptoBlades has announced a new partnership with one of the biggest blockchain oracles ChainLink. This partnership allows the CryptoBlades NFT blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain to provide VRF and other services that will bring this project to the next step of its historical development.

ChainLink is a well-known decentralized network of oracles that is capable of getting information in and out of a blockchain. This infrastructure has become "blockchain middleware" and allows smart contracts to interact with real-world data and services in the most secure way.

The new partnership will allow CryptoBlades to integrate VRF on Binance Smart Chain. VRF is a technology of Verifiable Randomness Function that makes blockchain games more trustworthy and acts as a mechanism for getting unpredictable results within the game.


This industry-leading Random Number Generator (RNG) solution is important for smart contracts for any project that relies on unpredictable outcomes as it allows reaching highest reliability and verifying randomness. Among other projects that have integrated VRF are games such as PoolTogether and others.

Philip Devine, owner of Riveted Games, said: "We are thrilled with such an opportunity. We are very encouraged to provide our users with a high-quality game NFT-backed. Trust, security, and ability to buy any character or weapon and to be sure of your exclusive ownership of the character or weapon bought are our priorities. With ChainLink, we move forward. This is a very important part of our growth."

CryptoBlades is an NFT Crafting game on Binance Smart Chain where gamers can create NFT-backed characters and craft weapons which are also backed with NFT. Thus, gamers do not have any limitations to trade or transfer their assets from the game as the developer company has no ownership rights to it.

The gamer is presented with the opportunity to both customize characters endlessly and earn SKILL tokens, which are the internal currency of CryptoBlades with locked liquidity, by playing the game, and craft NFTs.

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