A Complete Guide to Rose Color Meanings: What You Need to Know

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What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear “Rose”?

Love obviously. But, different colors of roses carry different meanings that you will see ahead in this blog.

Apart from beauty and freshness, every color carries a personalized meaning that can be used as gifts for different situations. We should know the proper meaning of every rose color and gift them on that basis. Let’s see the meaning of each rose and how and on which occasion you should gift them to your loved ones.

We will learn the rose colors language that will help you in choosing the best one for every situation like a gentleman.

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Rose Color and their Meanings


1) Red rose

The most used and appreciated rose in the world is the red rose. It symbolizes true love and people gift red rose flower bouquets to say I love you. Roses are known for the most romantic gift you can ever gift to your beloved person. There is no other gift that can help you in expressing your love feelings to your loved one than a beautiful red rose flower bouquet.


2) Yellow Rose

A long time ago, yellow roses symbolize jealousy, infidelity, and greed. But now the beautiful yellow roses are used to express care, great bond, and friendship.

So if you are looking for a gift for your best friend, a flower bouquet embedded with the yellow roses would be a great option. When you gift yellow roses to someone, it conveys the message of warmth and affection.

Other than this, Yellow Roses also symbolize as a token of appreciation to another and can be used as a great way of showing your delight.


3) Pink Rose

Pink Roses or Pink Rose Bouquet is given to someone, it symbolizes joy, grace, and gratitude. Pink roses are available in two colors one is light and the other one is dark. They both carry a different meaning.

Although most people don’t know light pink rose symbolizes gentleness and is considered the best choice for women where dark pink roses is the symbol of showing appreciation. Next time when you want a gift to say thank you or want to appreciate anyone, go for the pink color rose flower bouquet.


4) White Rose

White Roses give the feel of calm and peace, this soothing white color of rose symbolizes innocence. White roses can also be given to your loved ones for a new beginning.

You can Gift your white rose flower bouquets to your loved ones on their wedding or on the occasion of new born as they will start a new life with their baby. With the help of white roses or a white rose flower bouquet, you can show respect to your dear ones.


5) Orange Rose

Bright Orange Rose looks vibrant and attractive that represents fascination and pride. Orange roses also symbolize enthusiasm and deep desire. If you are planning for a honeymoon it would create a romantic environment if the orange flower arrangement done perfectly.


6) Burgundy Rose

Burgundy Rose looks beautiful and a great choice for your loved one if you are going on a date. Burgundy rose bouquet represents passion and deep affection and desire for the person you give it to.


7) Peach Rose

When you are going to say thank you but you need something special for it, take a peach color flower bouquet with you.

Peach Roses symbolize thank you and also given when you want to express gratitude to someone. Peach color roses are a sign of loyalty and it would be a lovely gift for an adorable person like your sister or your daughter.


8) Lavender Rose

Lavender color roses are uncommon and most people don’t know about them but they carry a very deep meaning. Lavender color roses represent love at first sight and can be gifted to a person you want to tell that. It would be a great pick for your love, surprise her with this charming color flower.


9) Blue Rose

Blue roses are very rare and you will have to do some tough search if you want. Blue color rose represents unattainable desire and uniqueness. You can gift blue color rose bouquet to the most special and one of a kind person in your life. Blue roses would be a great option to make your special person feel extra special.


10) Green Rose

Green Roses can be seen mostly in springs and many people don’t know about this color of the rose. Green color rose can be gifted to someone for a prosperous new life. They can also be given to a person who needs good wishes for the recovery of a great health.


11) Black Rose

Black Roses are used mostly during the Halloween festival. It symbolizes the death and end of a feeling for a person. If you get or give a black rose to someone then you are conveying the message of the end of the relationship. Black roses are not created naturally so they also symbolize mystery like blue roses.


12) Yellow Rose with Red Tips

When the beautiful red color mix up with the red color on tips, it looks fantastic and it would make a unique flower gift option for someone you love passionately. These yellow roses with red tips represent cheerfulness and joy. Gifting a bouquet of these beautiful red and yellow combination roses will amaze the person.


13) Multicolor Rose

Multicolor Roses look great and are also known as rainbow roses that symbolize lots of happiness and joy. A beautiful multicolor rose bouquet can be a great gift for your loved one’s special occasion like birthday, housewarming, or any other special moment that needs to celebrate with lots of fun. As multicolor rose contains many colors, it shares multiple messages and meanings assembled into one gift.


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