7 Simple Tactics to Get More Live Viewers on Facebook

on May 23 at 03:20 PM

Now it's no secrets as Facebook live is a hand-down a powerful tool for you to use to get your message out there in front of your audience. And it's also no secret that Facebook loves Facebook live, and more importantly, they love video.

The post briefs how you can get more live viewers on your Facebook lives. The post breaks down seven strategies to ensure that you're getting more viewers and your viewers enjoy what they're seeing, take action, and ultimately buy your product and services. So read the post till the end because the post shares a special bonus tip that will allow you to get more viewers faster and generate more sales amongst the people that are watching your live Stream. Let's go ahead and dive into it. 

Lots of people struggle with live video simply because it's live. If you mess up with people there, this is to witness your downfall. But here are the things that you have to understand how authentic you are. And if you let people know that you're just here to inform them and give them important information and you know what you're talking about. That's all people care about. If you want to get results, it's a simple question, if you know that Facebook live and Facebook love video and then that's will help your brand, that's something that you should do.  You have to make the conscious effort and decision that's going to be you. If you are new on Facebook live then you would be interested to know how to get more Facebook live stream views.

Here is the bellow 7 Simple Tactics to Get More Live Viewers on Facebook:

1. Think as a Tabloid:

You have to think like the tabloids, how many times have you been in a grocery store and you're getting ready to check out, and one of those crazy headlines catch your attention, and you can't help but pick it up and take a look at it to see if it's true. Its better you probably care less if it's true or not, you want to see what kind of store they're talking about. You have to think that way when writing your titles, especially when you are going live. It would help if you remembered that this popped up on someone's phone throughout the day at different times. And they know that it's live, they know that they can potentially go back and see it later even though most people don't. You have to create titles that will make that person go check this out. 

The title is very important, so try to figure out things to get them to elevate their emotion. So definitely think like tabloids.

2. Grab Viewers Attention:

You need to grab the viewers' attention in the first 10 seconds. Here is something that you need to remember about live video. Most people are not going to be there when you go live when you first start talking, which is why it's important to capture the viewer's attention in the first 10 seconds. Because most people are going to be seeing the replay and a lot of people don't think about that when they're doing live video. So what they end up doing is when they go live, they're kind of like looking at their phone, they're like am I live, can you see me. They are signaling there mumbling and jumbling at the mouth and not saying anything. So you need to have a script ready and have something that you're going to answer immediately when you go live.

So be conscious of what you're saying from the very beginning and understand that the people that are going to see your video is going to be a lot of people that actually go into the replay.

3. Establish Credibility:

It would help if you established credibility as soon as possible. A lot of times, when people are looking at the video, they're asking themselves questions in their head about you saying, why I should even listens to this individual. So when you get started, tell them what you're going to say to them and then let them know why it is that they said listen to this information from you. 

4. Create Engagement Worthy Content:

You need to create good engagement content because this is important. A lot of people post the video, but not one liking, commenting, or sharing. The first thing you have to ask yourself is why a person would want to like my video, share my content, needs to subscribe to this page. If you're not creating content that a person would be inclined to do without you even having to tell them there's no reason for you ever to expect there to be likes, comments or shares on your content.

 So it's up to you to create worthy content. It is suggested you do is before you make your videos before you go live, you need to do some research. You need to find other videos where you see people have talked about a similar topic that has a lot of engagement, see the kind of interaction of that video, and then do the same things. So keep that in mind if you would like it, subscribe, or like that page or that video. If not, then don't put it up if so then definitely do. 

5. Solve Problem:

You need to solve problems; you have to look for solutions. An entrepreneur sees issues as an opportunity to create solutions for the individual and makes money. Whereas the average person quits, you're there to solve the problem. You have to be thinking about that, and you need to write down the issues continually. It would help if you did not worry about how many people are there watching live. In the meantime, you have to think about the problems that people have.

So if you know that people have a problem of going live and then what is it that you need to do. It would help if you thought about the solutions, how you can create a video that teaches people how to go live. You need to find a solution or a video to help people get to the next level. So don't feel like the market is saturated, you can put your content out there, and people will listen to you.

6. Logic-Based Call to Action:

What a lot of people do is they use their live Stream. It's a promotional tool. Just sell the next thing. So you don't want to do that, you need to do what the video was titled to do. You need to teach people or explain to people what it is that you set out to do in the video. The "call to action" has to be logic-based.  What a lot of people do is they use this, and it's just basically a live sales pitch and not giving any content, any useful information that people can use. 

So it would help if you focused on popping on your content game and the message and then giving a logic-based call to actions. People are going to be more than willing to take that next step. They're going to be interested in your products and services versus making an emotional decision. Because they're just in the act of basically doing whatever is that you're telling them to do at that time. So you need to focus on the logic-based call to action, and you'll notice a much better quality buyer, and you'll develop a loyal following.

7. Thumbnail:

When you are done with your Live Stream, Facebook automatically will create a thumbnail from the live.  Many people don't know that they can edit the thumbnail and the tags of the live video. So what are tags? Tags are keywords that are associated with your video with a specific topic, and you can edit all of those things? 

So when you are done with your live video, you should immediately go in, and if you look upon the top left of every live video, there's a little button, if you click on it you can edit your live Stream. So when you're done with your live video, make sure you edit and update the thumbnail and add tags to your video.

Take Away:

So you need to create great content always and make use of the technique mentioned above. You still need to try your best to get more viewers. It would help if you ever remembered that even you have only five live viewers, then those could be your best customer or followers.

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