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on May 14 at 02:25 PM

In order with the best first but really these are all excellent vapes in different ways. We just added some of the new releases at the end of the article. We haven't had a chance to try them yet but we are very excited about them.

Keep in mind that unlike other "best of" compilations where the site gets paid to list the product or traffic revenue, lists only include the best products that our experts have tested for our online vape store. We keep our best guides up to date, so if a product comes on the market that kicks ass, it goes straight to our list.

When it comes to discreet and stealthy mipods, few devices can compare to some of the new vape systems on the market, especially the ones we've named in our list of the best vape systems. Vapers are falling in love with the small size and portability that vape systems offer - and while we love our huge, powerful sub-ohm devices, sometimes a small, on-the-go device is exactly what we need in the moment.

If you are in Europe, vape systems are definitely a very good option. Having a 2mL capacity becomes less of a problem when you can vape high potency nic salts. If you are in SERBIA we have added links to versions you can buy online in our SERBIA vape store.

As mipod vape systems continue to grow in popularity, vapers of all levels have been adding them more and more to their collections. Not familiar with vape pod vapers, or curious about the best vape systems? Don't worry, in this article we're going to cover everything you need to know.

What is a vape system?

A mipod vape system is a device that is a step above a basic e-cigarette, but not as advanced as some of the larger, full-sized personal vaporizer options. People who are new to the mipod, and those who may be transitioning from smoking, may find personal vaporizer devices to be too large, too confusing, or too unfamiliar. However, they may find a basic e-cigarette too limited and not allowing them to have enough control over their experience. For these people, mipod pod systems are the answer.

Vape systems are called "vape" systems because they accept vape pods, small e-liquid refills made specifically for the device. Most of these pods come preloaded with a chosen flavor, although some newer models have refillable pods that allow you to use any flavor of juice you want. These rechargeable mods are a good intermediate step between cigalikes and advanced vape systems. Vape systems are all about mipod simplicity, stealth and compactness.  Below we review the best vape mods available today with their advantages, disadvantages and prices. Take a look and find the right vape device for your needs.

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