holdFELA : A Fully Community Driven Innovation With Robust Benefits

on May 12 at 08:03 PM
For many decades, traditional financial system has been in existence, providing gateways for people to transact and transfer money across the world. However, traditional financial systems and services are made to be fully centralized which results in mismanagement, corruption, lack of transparency and costly intermediaries.
To mitigate these aforementioned flaws in the current financial systems, decentralization was incorporated into financial systems as the best solution. This gives birth to Decentralized Finance, a unique concept that allows users to access open financial system and products without registering on centralized servers or going through Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.
Today, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is gaining momentum and enables the general public to easily invest in DeFi based products and services, as well borrow, lend and even, invest their crypto assets which gives back high returns.
DeFi makes financial systems to be secure, resistant to manipulation, transparent and efficient for everyone. Since, DeFi is rapidly growing and experiencing colossal improvements, new projects like holdFELA adopts the concept to offer advanced profitable novel solutions to users without intervention of slow and expensive third party.
holdFELA is the latest innovation on blockchain that offers a greater governance approach and intends to boost financial activities of their community members.
holdFELA is founded by people who believe that a united and strong community serve as the crucial factor in building a lasting and relevant project. Thus, holdFELA is a community driven project wherein all decisions are made in favor of the community.
holdFELA had a terrible beginning where the previous Devs renounced ownership and disappeared. Nonetheless, the people did not lose hope but rather united together to strengthen and bring holdFELA back to life.
Now, holdFELA is moving forward propelled through transparency in all activities, new social media accounts and impressive benefits embedded into the native currency for holders. FELA token is the deflationary trademark currency for holdFELA community.
Since FELA token is deflationary, each transaction initiates a burn rate of 1% which reduces supply of FELA and significantly, impacts positively on FELA price overtime.
Furthermore, 4% tax implemented on every transaction will be distributed to holders as passive rewards. All trades pertaining FELA token contributes to generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap LP.
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